Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness!!

March has gone by so fast. Carson works and goes to school. I just work. And we both play!!!! Around the 17th the leprechauns struck, and we were left with green milk for quite a while. We also got to see lots of family when everyone came for Alex's baby blessing. We had a great weekend with everyone. There was a BBQ, swimming, games, and other fun all weekend.

On Monday after blessing, Carson and I headed up to Brian Head to teach Stacy, Parker, and Payton how to snowboard. It was a challenging day for some, but we had fun. I am posting a video of Stacy going down because at one point in the day she stated that she was too old for snowboarding, well the video is proof that she can do it. Carson and I both felt pretty bad for Stacy because she did not get as much instruction as the kids since they needed a little extra help. I must say though I have a new respect for the instructors that I work with. And of course we cannot forget about the time spent with Jimmer and the rest of the BYU team this month. Megan and Andrew would come over and we would watch the games together, I am glad that the team did so well this year. And now for our other exciting news... Carson and I get to go to conference this weekend. We are way excited!!! I love conference. We are going to the Sunday morning session if anyone wants to look for us!