Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun!!

We decorated sugar cookies with Megan and Andrew the other day. We had lots of fun, and the cookies were very yummy. We also found out that Carson is very creative, though not conventional at all. Can you guess which cookies he decorated?

We also had a lot of fun carving pumpkins. I did a mummy this year, and it was pretty complex and took FOREVER. Next year I will be choosing something easier. Carson did 2 carvings on his pumpkin because the rest of us were taking so long.

Birthday Fun!!

My Birthday was tons of fun this year. Carson was so sweet and he tried so hard to make it the best birthday. On Saturday night we went to Winger's with Megan and Andrew for a birthday dinner, then had a pumkin carving party. On my actual birthday Carson and I made a yummy breakfast together, then I got to open presents. Carson got me a silver watchband, Home Alone 2, and some stuff to do cookie decorating. Then we went to church together. My Mom came on Sunday to stay here in Cedar temporarily while she does her radiation, so her and Megan and Andrew came over to our apartment for a big chicken fried steak dinner and some games. We played a new game called Pirate's Cove, and it was lots of fun. Carson is ruthless and he won both times (but I did beat him once when we played again). Andrew also made Megan and I a yummy brownie cake. It was a great Birthday. There is also a picture of the cake that I made Dallen for his birthday yesterday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love FALL!!!

Fall is the prettiest time of year! I love the leaves changing to beautiful colors and the perfect weather. I love all of the fall and Halloween decorations. I love the festive food and getting my jackets out for the coming cold. And we can't forget that my birthday is in the fall, and fall also starts out the fun assembly of all the best holidays: it is just the best time of year.
Last week Carson and I drove up to cedar breaks to see all of the fall colors, it is just so pretty.
Other things we have been up to lately include: job hunting, school, the hot air balloon festival, trying out the fishing at some new lakes, and spending time with Megan and Andrew. We had a great time camping with them last week at 3 Peaks. Carson and I won the bocce ball tournament, although I didn't contribute much to the winning, luckily Carson is pro. My new obsession is rock climbing though. Carson had a rock climbing class, and so we would go to the climbing wall on campus a few times a week. I love to try the new routes, and gradually progress to harder ones.
We also dipped carmel apples with Megan and Andrew. They were very messy, and I think we will probably change a few things next time we do it, but of course we still had lots of fun.
I am going to try to be better at blogging, but since we do not have internet at our apartment, blogging gets quite limited.