Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday Fun!!

My Birthday was tons of fun this year. Carson was so sweet and he tried so hard to make it the best birthday. On Saturday night we went to Winger's with Megan and Andrew for a birthday dinner, then had a pumkin carving party. On my actual birthday Carson and I made a yummy breakfast together, then I got to open presents. Carson got me a silver watchband, Home Alone 2, and some stuff to do cookie decorating. Then we went to church together. My Mom came on Sunday to stay here in Cedar temporarily while she does her radiation, so her and Megan and Andrew came over to our apartment for a big chicken fried steak dinner and some games. We played a new game called Pirate's Cove, and it was lots of fun. Carson is ruthless and he won both times (but I did beat him once when we played again). Andrew also made Megan and I a yummy brownie cake. It was a great Birthday. There is also a picture of the cake that I made Dallen for his birthday yesterday.

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Chelsey Cutler said...

WoW! Both of those cakes are awesome! So much talent. I'm glad you had a fun birthday!