Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 Months!

My babes are now 3 months old!!
They are cute as ever, and we have gotten down to only one feeding at night WOOHOO!!!

Emery Grace
I'm pretty sure this little girl is the biggest now, and she sleeps the best. Her big sister loves her, and looks out for her all the time. She is such a sweet girl, and we love her very much.
Korbin Daniel 
This little guy is the smallest. He has taken interest in toys, and he gives us smiles now. He still loves to cuddle, and we love him so much.
 Braxton Smith
This little guy is such a joy, he is more reserved with his smiles, and he fusses a little bit at bedtime, but he is a very nice guy all day long, and we love him to pieces.
 In my completely unbiased opinion, these are 3 of the cutest babies ever. I wasn't sure that we would even survive having triplets this long, but we made it, and we love them to pieces. Life is definitely different, and Carson and I don't feel very productive most days, but we are so happy to have this little family. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Who is Who?

Can you tell who is who???

Top: Kynlee at 2 months
Bottom: Emery at 2 months

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Few of my Latest Photo Gems

Life is busy and crazy and fun!!! And here are a few gems for proof.
 Some people play "House" or "School," we play "Hats."

 Playing outside on a beautiful fall day.
 Kynlee giving Em loves in the bathtub.
 My handsome boys!

 Kynlee dresses up...
 ...and Daddy dresses up!
 Babes sleeping in bumbos.

 Big Baby Eyes!
 Life sure is good!!!

Happy Halloween!

I love fall, and all the fun festivities that go with it. We raked leaves, and played in them. Then our neighbors drove by and asked if they could have our leaves after they were bagged up.

Um you mean we don't have to worry about disposing of 7 bags of leaves???

Of course you can have them!!!

I'm not sure what they are doing with them, but we are not complaining. 

Our ward had a pumpkin carving activity, but food is much more important to Kynlee than carving pumpkins.
Usually I go online and find the perfect pattern, and carve pretty detailed pumpkins, but kids make you really re-evaluate things like that. We were perfectly happy with our minnie mouse that took about 4 minutes. 
Of course we made sugar cookies. Sadly I did not get a picture of the cookie that Kynlee decorated before she ate it.
My cute babes in the little onesies that Dad and Marie got for them.
Kynlee's says, "Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch"
Korbin's says, "My First Halloween" 
Emery's says, "I'm a Little Scardy Cat"
and Braxton's says, "Don't Scare Me, I Poop Easily"
And feel free to compliment me on this awesome picture, because I become more aware everyday of how hard it is to get a decent picture of 3 infants and a 2 year old.  

At the Trunk or Treak with our little Ghostbuster and her 3 ghosts.

Seriously, how can anyone not love this time of year, Halloween is the greatest day for little kids. 

A not so good picture of our Ghostbuster and little ghosts.
We sure had fun, and I love that we can pick costumes that go together for our kids. Next year Kyn might have more of an opinion on what she wants to be, but this year it sure was cute to ask her, "Who you gonna call?" and have her reply, "Ghostbusters."


I had a Birthday!!!
My Birthday was awesome this year. When Carson's alarm went off that morning he got up, wished me Happy Birthday and kissed me goodbye just like everyday (minus the Happy Birthday part). After a few minutes he came back in and climbed back in bed. I asked what he was doing and he said he was taking the day off so I would have help with the babes on my birthday. (He was happy to get to sleep in another hour or two and said it felt like his birthday too) I was so happy and I immediately asked if I could go for a run, my sister-in-law informed me that that was not the way she would have chosen to spend her birthday, but I was thrilled. I got to go for a 33 minute run all by myself and it was awesome. When I got home Carson had made a delicious breakfast of bacon, zucchini muffins, and eggs with green peppers and cheese. Isn't he awesome? I believe that this messy haired girl helped him some as well. 

After breakfast and a shower I asked if I could go get my hair cut, my sister laughed when I told her this was a special birthday activity, but it is hard to do things like that most days, and I was way over due for a real haircut. Then we went on a picnic to Discovery Park.

And of course there was cake and ice cream that night, after Carson took me to dinner at a little diner here in town. 
The best part of my birthday came yesterday though. My in-laws came to town to watch the babes so Carson could take me to Wicked in Vegas. It was awesome, and I got another whole day of being spoiled with eating out and getting whatever I wanted. I am so loved!!!

Wedding Fun!!!

I am a bit behind on my posts, I have no idea why, it's not like I am too busy during the day... Oh wait I am! Babes and toddlers demand attention, and there are always chores that I have put off way longer than I should have, and the fact that I try to sneak a nap in sometimes if possible, but it doesn't happen often. Not to mention the fact that October was just a really busy month. I have to admit that I like it that way, it is better than being bored, and taking care of babes by myself day after day is a bit exhausting.  Ok I am done with my long boring intro and I will get on with my post.

Dallen and Shaylee got married!!!! We had a great time going to their sealing in the St. George Temple. Shaylee looked beautiful, and Kynlee was very impressed by her "princess dress." We had also had a Family Home Evening lesson on temples so Kynlee was excited to go to the temple and she likes to sing "I Love to See the Temple" 

After the wedding in St. George we headed to Moab for the reception there. We snuck off before the reception to go shooting. I am a weakling though, and I could hardly hold a gun steady long enough to aim so I sadly did not hit much. We shot a few pistols, and I took comfort in the fact that Carson is as bad as I am at shooting them. We had fun, even if I am not very good.

We had a good time at the reception, the food was great, and I love getting out and talking to people since I am cooped up in my house all the time. (It is actually a little ridiculous how excited I get whenever we get to go out and interact with people)

We are so happy to have an Aunt Shaylee now and luckily Dallen and Shaylee are in our ward and they are a big help with the babes. Don't they look good with triplets, I think they need a set for themselves.

Congratulations, we love you guys!!!