Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Kynlee!!!

My beautiful, sweet, kind, cute, funny, smart, creative, helpful Kynlee had a birthday!!!! She is now a big 3 year old, and we couldn't be happier with the sweet girl that we have.

She requested a Minnie Mouse birthday party. 
 Funfetti pancakes for the birthday girl! (and a cute little photobombing Braxton)
 Finally getting to open her presents at her party in the evening.
 Emery wants to know when we are going to open this big one.

 So excited to get Peppa Pig!
 And a fishing pole from Grandma and Grandpa Dalton.
 And of course we ended the celebration with Minnie Mouse cupcakes and ice cream.

We love our little Kynlee so much, she truly is a sweet little princess and we are so happy that she is part of our family. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Anyone Want an Ice Cream Maker???

Carson and have wanted an ice cream make since the day we got married. We were a bit picky about them though. We wanted an electric one that also had a hand crank option for camping and the cabin. We have always put off getting one for various reasons but we were very serious about getting one last summer. Then I got put into the hospital, and we put it off again because we knew it wouldn't get much use that year, so we might as well wait. 
Well this year as our anniversary approached I knew just what to get Carson. Since I rarely leave the house, ordering it online was really the only option I had. I found what I wanted and ordered it, and then when it came I quickly hid it up in Kynlee's closet. 
About 2 weeks later Carson had to go out of town for a work training. I barely survived the 2 days all by myself with my four monsters, and I was very excited when Carson walked in the door at the end of the trip.
I was excited until I saw the large box that he was holding. It was an ice cream maker.
He said "Happy Anniversary." 
I said, "Why did you buy that?"
He was a little confused at this point and said, "Um, because we have wanted one for a long time."
Then I said,"But that one won't go with with one that I already got you."

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

We finally got around to making ice cream last night.

The babes were very excited to play with the 2 ice cream makers

 Unfortunately the babes had to go to bed before the ice cream was done, but I did sneak them a few of the eggless cookie dough chunks that I made to put in the ice cream. 
 The ice cream was a big hit with everyone!!!

So does anyone know someone who needs an ice cream maker? Because we happen to know where they could find an extra one just sitting around.

11 Months

I can't believe my babes are so close to being 1 year old. When did that happen???
They are cute as ever, and they keep me busier than ever. 

Braxton is the biggest, and he is such a handsome guy.  He has become a little bit of a mommas boy these last few weeks. He has no teeth, and he is always the first one to wake up in the morning and from naps. His hair is very blonde, and it is starting to get long in the back. We love him so much.

 Emery is such a cutie. She is a bit more mellow than her brothers, and she gives up smiles and giggles easily. Her hair definitely has a reddish tint to it, but it is not really growing yet, so we are not sure what color it will end up being. Her two bottom teeth popped up this month, and she also realized she can scream, though thankfully she doesn't do it often. We love her so much.

 Korbin is my adventurous little guy. He still demands food very loudly all thru meal times. He loves to climb up on things, and he makes funny little chuckling noises when he gets on top of something like he is real proud of himself. Everyone says that his chubby little cheeks look just like his daddy's did. He can give big slobbery kisses and he mimics things like clapping and talking. We love him so much.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting good pics of Emery and Braxton on the first try and I was hoping to go 3 for 3, but this guy proved very difficult. I was sweating by the time I got a good one from putting him back in place over and over. It was also pretty humid, so that might have had more to the sweating than the actual physical exertion, but he was still a tough little bugger, most of the pics looked like the one below.

We have dragged our babes all over this month, and they have done great everywhere we have gone. There was only one long trip that had me saying NEVER AGAIN, but then they were angels all the way home, so I might actually leave home again sometime. They love visiting all the places we go, probably because we don't get out of the house very often, and of course everyone thinks they are so cute. I have to say I agree, they sure are cute.

Family Reunions

Our family has had lots of fun at family reunions this summer. I am really bummed that I forgot my camera for the Dalton reunion, so you will only get to hear about the Matheson one, but just know we had tons of fun at both of them. 

We got to go up to Eagle Mountain near Beaver for the reunion this year. It was nice to get out of the heat spells we have been enduring this year, and the mountains are so pretty.
 Morgan wrote an awesome rap for us to do as our skit called "Ice Ice Babies."
 Kynlee thought the hunt in the sawdust was great.
 It is really fun that my Dad married Carson's Aunt Marie so we get to see both grandparents at the reunion.
 Cousin Melissa feeding Korbin.  (She's single if anyone knows a nice guy for her)

 The dirtier they are, the more fun they had, right?
 The babes enjoyed Grandma Ree's birthday cake.

I'm pretty impressed that I got a picture of this crew with everyone actaully looking. I am amazed by this family, they are truly great people. I am amazed that they all make the effort to get together for the reunion, rarely is one of them missing and they all get along so well. I could not have married into a better family. 

 This little angel loved playing in the sawdust whether there was candy and money in there or not.
 We had such a fun time visiting with family, playing cards, showing off our cute babes, and eating good food. We love hanging out with family.