Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Anyone Want an Ice Cream Maker???

Carson and have wanted an ice cream make since the day we got married. We were a bit picky about them though. We wanted an electric one that also had a hand crank option for camping and the cabin. We have always put off getting one for various reasons but we were very serious about getting one last summer. Then I got put into the hospital, and we put it off again because we knew it wouldn't get much use that year, so we might as well wait. 
Well this year as our anniversary approached I knew just what to get Carson. Since I rarely leave the house, ordering it online was really the only option I had. I found what I wanted and ordered it, and then when it came I quickly hid it up in Kynlee's closet. 
About 2 weeks later Carson had to go out of town for a work training. I barely survived the 2 days all by myself with my four monsters, and I was very excited when Carson walked in the door at the end of the trip.
I was excited until I saw the large box that he was holding. It was an ice cream maker.
He said "Happy Anniversary." 
I said, "Why did you buy that?"
He was a little confused at this point and said, "Um, because we have wanted one for a long time."
Then I said,"But that one won't go with with one that I already got you."

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

We finally got around to making ice cream last night.

The babes were very excited to play with the 2 ice cream makers

 Unfortunately the babes had to go to bed before the ice cream was done, but I did sneak them a few of the eggless cookie dough chunks that I made to put in the ice cream. 
 The ice cream was a big hit with everyone!!!

So does anyone know someone who needs an ice cream maker? Because we happen to know where they could find an extra one just sitting around.

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Megan said...

I think you should just make two flavors at once!!!