Friday, June 19, 2015

My Cute Little Family!!!

We got family pictures done last week. It was my late Mother's Day present. We were really nervous about getting them. I mean how can you guarantee that any of the pictures will turn out, especially with 10 month old triplets involved. But I really wanted pictures to document this stage of our life, and I have 4 of the cutest kids in the world, so we went for it...
and they turned out great!!!

I really did try to restrain myself and only post my absolute favorites, but I may have gone overboard a little. Can you blame me??? Those are some seriously cute kids!!!
I dare you to not look at all of them.

If anyone needs a good photographer, Carson and I would recommend Oh Snap Photography.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Years Together!

Carson and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary earlier this month. I have been meaning to blog about it since we got back, but we have been busy gardening, doing sewing projects, spring cleaning a few things around our house, the NBA finals, and just taking care of our cute little ones. 
But better late than never right? So here is the story of my first backpacking trip.
Carson decided that we would go backpacking for our anniversary, (I would have picked something like a relaxing cruise). I had never been backpacking before, and we have had nice backpacking backpacks since the first summer we were married that have never been used. Carson picked Grand Gulch as our destination, he called and reserved the permit, and we dropped our kiddos off with grandparents so we could have a nice trip together. Sounds like fun right? 
Backpacking is hard work. 
We had to go 4 miles before we would be in the canyon and could see any of the Indian ruins. When we had only gone about 2 miles I was already doubting my backpacking abilities. 
So I suffered in silence and kept on walking.
Ok so it wasn't really silence, I might have complained a little.
I carry babies around all day, this shouldn't have been that hard. 
Poor Carson would take something out of my pack every time we stopped and put it in his. 
We eventually made it the 4 miles to the first ruin. We got to stop and take our packs off to explore around a bit, and you know what? I can hike around all day without the pack strapped to my back.
The rest of the canyon is dotted with ruins, so we got to stop and explore every so often, and backpacking became a bit more fun. 
We went seven miles that day and then Carson found the perfect spot to put our tent. Once the tent was up I may or may not have gone in, laid down, and not moved again until it was time to get ready for bed. 
It rained all night long! Carson was hailed as a genius for picking such a good spot to put our tent and protect us from the rain. 
The next day I was rejuvenated, and we hiked 3 more miles down the canyon looking at more ruins. With no packs this was tons of fun, but we did have to cross the muddy flowing water that fulled the empty creek bed overnight. Between that and walking through the wet bushes, we were soaked. 
After some fun exploring we headed back to our campsite, packed up, and headed out. Carrying our packs was much easier that day. The trail crosses the creek about 100 times in the canyon, and it got a bit annoying crossing the water so much. In some spots the water was flowing pretty fast, and we lost the trail once because it was underwater for so long. This left us doing some serious bouldering...with packs on!!! I was so happy when we made it back to the trail!! 
I made it back to the car with only 1 blister, and we stopped for a milkshake on the way home, so it was a very successful trip.

 Have you ever noticed that my blog is not jam packed full of selfies. 
Do you want to know why? 
Carson and I are terrible at taking them!
Maybe we have short arms, or maybe we are just haven't perfected it, but they always turn out terrible. 
At least you can see the ruins in the background.

Now some mushy stuff about this handsome Indian ruin loving guy. 
He is the best dad ever. He takes on bath night all by himself when I have Relief Society activities. He helps with the dishes. He loves me. He plays with our kids. He takes good care of our yard. He takes on whatever crazy projects I dream up. He eats whatever I cook. He spends time with me. He is my best friend.
I sure am lucky to have him in my life.
Happy Anniversary Babe.!!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

10 Months!!

My cute little babes are 10 months old!!!

The Korbinator is such a cute little guy. You can't really tell from the picture, but this guy has gotten CHUNKY. I love pinching his meaty thighs every time I change his diaper. He is very adventurous, and his two bottom teeth have popped up. We love him so much!
Mr. B-Bop is such a handsome little guy. He is about half a pound bigger than the other babes. He likes to play ball, or pretty much anything that we will retrieve over and over for him. He has the most hair, but it is very light just like his Daddy's was. We love him so much!

Miss Emmy Lou gets prettier every day. She has a perfect peaches and cream complextion, and I love her big grins. She still army crawls most of the time. She has the least amount of hair, and her skin is soft and squishy. She likes to laugh at her big sister. We love her so much!

These babes sure keep me busy. I like to sit on the floor and play with them. They like to climb all over me when I do. It is a lot of work when I have to get up. I have to unload one baby, then another. By this time the first baby unloaded has already climbed back on, and it is the game that never ends. All the babes head straight for the door if it gets opened, and they love to play and get dirty outside. They also like to play in water in the tub, in our little pool, in a puddle on the driveway, or in the sink. We love them so much!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Kynlee is very amusing. Here are some of the funny things that she says on a day to day basis:

As Kynlee is running down the hall she bumps into the wall
"Ow, sorry wall."

As she is pretending to hiccup very loudly
"I'm hic-ing-up."

As she puts on oven mits
'I'm Momma."

Skip this one if potty humor offends you.

I bought some candy filled easter eggs to persuade Kynlee to go #2 in the potty. Well after hugging the bag in the store and exclaiming, "I loves them," she really wanted to earn one. Unfortuanately she didn't have to go when we got home. But that was not going to stop her. She sat on the potty and tried and tried. Daddy tried to explain to her that we could just try again later but Kynlee had other plans in mind.
Kynlee: "Daddy get the poop out of my bum."
Daddy (laughing) "How do you want me to do that?"
Kynlee:"With your finger."

After trying on some hats and shoes Daddy told her she looked very pretty.
Kynlee, "No not pretty, SPECIAL."

As she carries daddy's laptop down the hall with the charger cord dragging behind her.
"Come on Daddy's puter, you can make it"

Whenever Carson or I leave the house,
Kynlee, "Sweet dreams."

If we say hi to one of the babes;
Kynlee, "He can't talk!"

Stay tuned for more Kynleeisms...

The Coveted Apple Core!!

So my Mom once told me that when Megan and I were babies we would just about kill each other for a pacifier. Well my babes will take a pacifier right out of the mouth of another babe, even if they already have a pacifier in their own mouth, but the real coveted item in this house is...
Apple Cores. 

 I gave Emery an apple core to suck on... (please ignore my dirty living room floor, I would say it is not usually that messy, but the truth is, it usually is!!!)
 Korbin goes for the apple core...
 ...and he gets it!
But Emery is not going to let him have it for long. 
 Oh but Korbin gets it back.
 And the battle is back on... 
 Emery has the core...
But Korbin forces the turnover.
 Now Braxton wants in on some of this apple core action.
 Emery has been eliminated, and the battle resumes between Braxton and Korbin.
 Braxton has it.
 Korbin makes the steal.
 Braxton is ready to finish off this battle...

But someone else steps in for the win!!!

And in case you are thinking I am a terrible Mom at this point, I will let you know that I was making them lunch as this battle was happening. I also provided an alternative snack option, but it was no use, nothing is as appealing as that yummy apple core.