Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Kynlee is very amusing. Here are some of the funny things that she says on a day to day basis:

As Kynlee is running down the hall she bumps into the wall
"Ow, sorry wall."

As she is pretending to hiccup very loudly
"I'm hic-ing-up."

As she puts on oven mits
'I'm Momma."

Skip this one if potty humor offends you.

I bought some candy filled easter eggs to persuade Kynlee to go #2 in the potty. Well after hugging the bag in the store and exclaiming, "I loves them," she really wanted to earn one. Unfortuanately she didn't have to go when we got home. But that was not going to stop her. She sat on the potty and tried and tried. Daddy tried to explain to her that we could just try again later but Kynlee had other plans in mind.
Kynlee: "Daddy get the poop out of my bum."
Daddy (laughing) "How do you want me to do that?"
Kynlee:"With your finger."

After trying on some hats and shoes Daddy told her she looked very pretty.
Kynlee, "No not pretty, SPECIAL."

As she carries daddy's laptop down the hall with the charger cord dragging behind her.
"Come on Daddy's puter, you can make it"

Whenever Carson or I leave the house,
Kynlee, "Sweet dreams."

If we say hi to one of the babes;
Kynlee, "He can't talk!"

Stay tuned for more Kynleeisms...


Shaylee Rose said...

Umm We LOVE the potty story and had a pretty good laugh! What a funny kid!!

Megan said...

She looks like such a big girl sitting in that swing!

Stacy Mallory said...

Love her! Thanks for sharing