Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Late Anniversary!

Carson and I got to go to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant this week. We stayed with Nathan and Tonya that night, and we got to see those cute girls. Mom and Dad also came for the night between appointments, so it was fun to see them too. The pageant was fun, and all the food was great!!! We did end up sitting by some anti-Mormons at dinner. They were nice, but we did have an interesting conversation thru dinner. I have to give them some credit for their dedication though, they rode a bus with 36 people all the way from Texas to be there to talk to people at the pageant for one night. 
 Waiting for the pageant to start!!!

On our way out of town the next day Carson and I stopped to do a session at the temple. It was really cool because neither of us had ever been to one at the Manti Temple. The inside is beautiful, and it was a great late anniversary trip. I love you Carson!!!

Visiting Home

Last week I got to go to Moab to visit my Mom and all but one of her sisters for a week. We had a great time just visiting with each other. 

Cousin Richie and Parker had a great time playing video games with each other.
 Aunt Daryl and Payton became attached at the hip.
 That is when her Dad wasn't stealing some cuddles.
 We made a trip to Left Hand.
 Parker jumping ( He is so skinny you can hardly see him in the pic)
 Jeremy jumping.
 Richie jumping.
 Alex loves the water.
Just hanging out. 
More gaming!!
We love you Mom!!!! 
 A new client for Payton ( I am sure happy that she has a new hair target, my head needed a rest after the first day)
And even more gaming. 

Mom and Dad. These two are so funny. I told them to smile for the picture, and they both managed to blink. I love them anyway.
It was great to get to spend the week visiting. We tried to take over all the cooking and cleaning so Mom and Dad could just relax, but I wish there was a way that I could be more helpful. Sometimes it is hard to live so far away. After a bit of a hard time, Mom is now off oxygen, so that is good. Hopefully she can start to gain some strength now. We love you Mom, you are in our prayers.

Getting Ready for Baby Kynlee!!

It took a lot of work to get our spare bedroom cleaned out, but we did it. Then we put the crib up, and I slowly started making cute things for her bedroom. Now it is almost done, and I think it looks great!!! I get so excited every time I go in there. Less than 4 weeks to go!!!

 Carson is so handy!!
 He even let me help a little!
 He is also very level headed!!
Ta Da!!!! The finished product. My Mom gave us the cute bedding as a gift, Thanks Mom. I hope Kynlee likes it!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look What I Made!!!

Well actually don't look too close... I am not exactly the amazing seamstress that my Mom is. She should be proud though, well sort of... I did abandon the instructions halfway through and just put things together the way that I thought made sense, but I didn't ever have to call her, and I only had to pull the seam ripper out once. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Now we just need to get our little girl here to try it on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We are getting close...

Carson and I are getting so excited for our little Kynlee to come!! (Oh yeah we picked a name, and finally decided on the spelling). I am having tons of fun getting her room ready, and filling her dresser. We had to do quite a bit of rearranging since we had piled all of our camping and Carson's hunting stuff in her room. The other day Carson asked where something was and I told him that I put it in Kynlee's room, he said, "Don't call it that, it is Carson and Kynlee's room." Ha Ha

29 weeks
 31 Weeks
 33 Weeks, and also our second wedding anniversary!!!! 2 great years with my amazing husband, and only 7 weeks to go until our new addition comes to our family.

Bon Fire!!

Megan and Andrew started a tradition when they got married of going out and burning their Christmas tree in a bon fire after Christmas. I have tagged along most years, and this year Carson and I even saved our tree for it. 

This little guy had a great time, he was pretty much swimming in the dirt the moment we got there.
 I sure love this guy

For some reason Alex insisted on sharing food and water with me, so I had quite of bit of dirt in everything 

 Usually we do the bon fire in March or so, but this year we had a hard time finding a day to go, so our trees were very dry. They went up nice and fast. 
It was a fun night with really great food. 

Bad Idea!!

So the other day I was giving Carson a haircut before we went to church. I usually give him pretty good haircuts, but this day was definitely an exception. I had gotten the two guards that we would need out and put them on the counter. I used one of them, but then when I went to switch the guard I accidentally grabbed the guard that Carson had left on the counter from when he trimmed his beard. Of course I didn't notice that I had a way shorter guard than I should have until I made a nice short line up one side of his head. I was sick the instant I saw it and I almost burst into tears. Carson was so nice though, he never got mad, or even acted like he really cared. I am not sure if he was so nice because I am pregnant and was about in tears, or if it was the fact that he couldn't actually see how bad it was. We ended up having to cut all of it shorter, and evening it out till it looked less noticeable. The really sad part was that I had insisted that he get a haircut because we were speaking in church that day, apparently that was a really bad idea. He ended up wearing a hat for a few days until it was not noticeable (guys are pretty lucky that way). I apologized about a million times in the next two days, and I kept saying that I was not going to cut his hair ever again, but he must be either really crazy or really cheap because he insists that he still wants me to cut his hair. (sorry no pics, I was too ashamed to take any)