Friday, June 29, 2012

Visiting Home

Last week I got to go to Moab to visit my Mom and all but one of her sisters for a week. We had a great time just visiting with each other. 

Cousin Richie and Parker had a great time playing video games with each other.
 Aunt Daryl and Payton became attached at the hip.
 That is when her Dad wasn't stealing some cuddles.
 We made a trip to Left Hand.
 Parker jumping ( He is so skinny you can hardly see him in the pic)
 Jeremy jumping.
 Richie jumping.
 Alex loves the water.
Just hanging out. 
More gaming!!
We love you Mom!!!! 
 A new client for Payton ( I am sure happy that she has a new hair target, my head needed a rest after the first day)
And even more gaming. 

Mom and Dad. These two are so funny. I told them to smile for the picture, and they both managed to blink. I love them anyway.
It was great to get to spend the week visiting. We tried to take over all the cooking and cleaning so Mom and Dad could just relax, but I wish there was a way that I could be more helpful. Sometimes it is hard to live so far away. After a bit of a hard time, Mom is now off oxygen, so that is good. Hopefully she can start to gain some strength now. We love you Mom, you are in our prayers.

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