Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tis the Season...

I love this time of year!!!
We went and got a Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving because we had a busy weekend planned and I wanted to get our tree up as close to December 1st as I could. 
We headed up the mountain to our favorite spot. It did not disappoint, we found a beautiful tree. It was located on a hill though, and we had to climb thru quite deep snow to get to it. Alex came with us, so Carson and I each had a child in our arms and we had to cut our tree down and leave it for Carson to go retrieve once we got the kids back down the hill. Good thing a beautiful tree is worth all that work.

 Alex was so excited because Carson let him help cut the tree down.
 My two cuties decorating the tree. 
  It sure is beautiful!! Our new ornament this year comes all the way from Bend Oregon.
Happy Holidays!!

Happy Turkey Day!!

I sure hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know we sure did. There was fun and family, and TONS of food. Of course I stopped myself from eating too much, as all of you did too I am sure.

The next day we celebrated a wedding. Dad and Marie finally got hitched!! Now I have 12 step siblings to go with the 4 I already had. Sadly I have not even met them all yet. But the best part is this: since Marie is Carson's aunt, him and I are now officially first cousins!!!

And now presenting Mr. and Mrs. Holyoak!!!