Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pinterest Challenge #3

Today is the day to report on our 3rd Pinterest challenge.

I did not do as well on this challenge as I would have liked to. I had a few more pins that I wanted to get done but they just didn't happen. I was very productive though so I will still call it a success.

This pin for Blueberry Croissant Puff was amazing, I used blackberries both times because there were no blueberries at the store. It is so yummy that I have actually made it twice in the last two weeks.

This pin for Chicken Egg Rolls was really good too, and I thought they tasted even better the next day as leftovers. I baked mine rather than frying them, and I added a few drops of sesame oil to the mixture, and a blended jalapeno to the sauce. Delicious and a great way to use up the giant head of cabbage my sister gave us.
 I got the idea for this activity from this pin. It was super easy to mix up, and made me wonder why I don't try harder to do fun things for baby girl everyday.
 Nothing is better than a cute naked baby with bed head. She thought it was more fun painting herself rather than the tub.
 I decided to try to learn how to do a waterfall braid from this pin. I am not great at doing hair, and I pretty much do the same two hairstyles all week long, so I wasn't expecting much when I attempted it. However, I was surprised that it looked pretty good after just one attempt, but I didn't know how lopsided it was till I looked at the pictures Carson took later. I will have to work on that.
 This recipe was not good!! Maybe it is just my pregnant tastebuds craving sweet things, but I thought these tasted like balls of baking cocoa. After snapping this picture I quickly threw the balls back in the bowl and added a little melted butter and about a half cup of sugar to make a nice no bake cookie mixture. They were much better that way.
 I used this pin to make this little dress for Kynlee. Mine turned out a tad small, and not as cute as the picture because I did not have enough red fabric to make the braided collar.
 I made two kinds of muffins using this pin that claimed they were like costco muffins. I did a yellow cake mix with a cinnamon walnut mixture on top and they were really good, but next time I will put the mixture in the middle so it doesn't stick to the wrappers. I also did a chocolate mix with chocolate chips, but this one turned out pretty dry (although that could have been the wheat flour I used in the mixture). I would not say they are near the deliciousness of costco muffins.
 And lastly I have been working like crazy to clean out our spare bedroom and get the nursery put up before the babies come. I looked thru pinterest for ideas, and combined a few pins to form a simple but cute nursery in my mind. I spent the last week making crib skirts to match the bumpers that we got, and these cute tissue paper pom poms to hang in the corner. I would have liked to have gotten the cribs up and everything in its place for the picture, but since that requires taking the full size bed out of the room I am at the mercy of my sweet hubby to get it all put together. It's not like he is busy with finals and all kinds of outdoor projects or anything. I also have a few cute wall hangings to print out from pinterest, and as soon as I get it all put together I will post pictures.

I didn't really fancy the idea of doing any outfit posts this time since I do not find my large belly all that flattering. The one day I did wear a pinterest inspired outfit, I was waiting for Carson to come home so he could take a picture of me. In the meantime I had to take care of a toddler, cook a few meals, clean a messy house, and then Carson had me go pick up a rotertiller for him on a super windy day. By the end of the day I did not think I looked near as cute as that morning when I got dressed, so no picture. I love doing these challenges though. They make me feel productive, and get me to try things that I have been wanting to try, but always manage to put off. 

Happy Pinning!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter this year. Of course we got to dye eggs, Kynlee looks thrilled about it.

 It is more fun if you climb right up on the table.
 Carson loves it when I want him to pose for pictures!!
 Then we went down to St. George for an Easter Egg hunt with Dad and Marie, and some other family. Once Kynlee saw this car, she had absolutely no interest in finding eggs.
 We finally got her to pick up a few eggs that we practically had to put right at her feet just so we could get a picture.
 And of course the Easter Bunny did not disappoint! He must have known that Kynlee has a new obsession with coloring, that coloring book has already gotten plenty of use.

I survived the playing the piano for the choir at church, something I have never done before and was really nervous about. 
We ended the day with a big dinner at  Stacy's house, and the traditional game of baseball with all the left over Easter Eggs. The best part of the whole night was when Carson hit an egg and part of the inside hit Kynlee in the face and stuck there. She looked startled for a minute, and then she just casually reached up and wiped it away like it was nothing. 

I am so grateful that my Savior was willing to lay down his life and rise again so that I can be with my family forever. Happy Easter!!!

Trip to Denver

Carson and I got to go to Denver at the end of March for sweet baby McKenna's blessing. The drive was soooooo long, and it was made longer by the fact that we hit a snow storm and had to stop at a hotel just 2 hours from our destination. Although with the storm, traffic was bad the next morning too, so it took longer than 2 hours to get to Megan and Andrew's. I won't be making that drive again till I forget just how long it took. Anyway it was way fun to visit with family, and to meet my new beautiful niece. We ate good food, played foot tag (I still can't believe we got beat by my Dad), watched movies, and visited the Four Mile Historic Park.

Waiting for our tour at the park. 
 Kynlee thought it was fun to slide down this hill.

 My strong guy!!
 Finding these stilts was the best part of the day.
 Of course my Dad showed us all up by being the first one to be able to walk on them.

 The best step-mom in the world playing with Payton and Kynlee.
And of course these beautiful girls on McKenna's big day. The blessing was beautiful, and I can't wait till we all get together again. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Yep I am Pretty Much Amazing!

So once upon a time I had a plain white T-shirt. Sadly this shirt went the way of most of my white shirts and got a couple stains on it. But this time rather than getting rid of this one, I was inspired to refashion it. So with some well placed lace I got from my mom's large craft supply, and a few minutes of sewing, I now have a new shirt that is way more fun than the old plain one I used to have. I know, I am pretty much amazing!

The Easiest Taco Soup Ever!!!

This is the best soup, made even better by the fact that it takes just minutes to put together. 

In a large saucepan mix:
  • 1 can drained corn
  • 1 15oz can of tomato sauce
  • 15 oz water
  • 1 15 oz can of black beans (drained)
  • 1 15 oz can red kidney beans
  • 1 can diced olives (If you like olives, which I do!!!)
  • 1 package of taco seasoning (I use McKormick, but you can use whatever your favorite is)
  • 1 lb cooked ground hamburger or cooked shredded chicken (or you can leave the meat out completely if you are too lazy sometimes like me, it is still delicious)
Heat soup and enjoy with cheese, and chips. You can also add sour cream, diced jalapenos, or stewed tomatoes. Pretty much you can alter this soup however you want, it is versatile and easy, pretty much amazing. 

The Best Daddy in the World...

...built the cutest baby girl in the world the greatest sandbox in the world!!! She loves it.
(I helped some, but it definitely wouldn't have happened without Carson)

Daddy is way too good to us, and I don't know what we would do without him.