Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter this year. Of course we got to dye eggs, Kynlee looks thrilled about it.

 It is more fun if you climb right up on the table.
 Carson loves it when I want him to pose for pictures!!
 Then we went down to St. George for an Easter Egg hunt with Dad and Marie, and some other family. Once Kynlee saw this car, she had absolutely no interest in finding eggs.
 We finally got her to pick up a few eggs that we practically had to put right at her feet just so we could get a picture.
 And of course the Easter Bunny did not disappoint! He must have known that Kynlee has a new obsession with coloring, that coloring book has already gotten plenty of use.

I survived the playing the piano for the choir at church, something I have never done before and was really nervous about. 
We ended the day with a big dinner at  Stacy's house, and the traditional game of baseball with all the left over Easter Eggs. The best part of the whole night was when Carson hit an egg and part of the inside hit Kynlee in the face and stuck there. She looked startled for a minute, and then she just casually reached up and wiped it away like it was nothing. 

I am so grateful that my Savior was willing to lay down his life and rise again so that I can be with my family forever. Happy Easter!!!

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