Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fear of Santa!

Tonight Carson was helping Kynlee say her prayers before bed. It went like this...

Carson: Dear Heavenly Father,

Kynlee: Heavenly Father,

Carson: Thank you for Mommy and Daddy.

Kynlee: Thank you Mommy Daddy.

Carson: Thank you that we could have a fun day.

Kynlee: Thank you fun day.

Carson: We're thankful that we could go see Santa.

Kynlee: ...I don't like Santa...

Yes it is true, Kynlee did not like Santa. We were afraid that might happen. On Friday night we decided we would take Kynlee to see Santa at a little craft boutique the  today. I started to prep her the night before about what would happen as well as all morning before we left. We stopped at the library first, and then walked across the street to see Santa. The whole time at the library, and on the walk over Kynlee was asking where Santa was, and assuring us that she was going to ask him for "A Christmas."  Great, we were thinking she would actually go thru with sitting on his lap and telling him what she wanted. As we were approaching the door Santa himself came out, and he was very tall. It was all over after that, Kynlee did not even want to go in anymore. We still went in and tried to get her to just stand with Santa, but she wouldn't even get close. However she did enjoy the candy cane that Carson had to take from Santa because she was not going anywhere near him.

I can't really blame her, he was very tall, and understandably intimidating. I remember as a child we would go sit on Santa's lap at our ward Christmas party. I already had a fear of this strange man with a beard, but at the party we had to go out onto the stage where Santa was sitting in front of everyone and say what we wanted into a microphone. Talk about terrifying!!! I am surprised I don't still have a fear of the jolly old man.

4 Months!

My babes are 4 months old!!! They are so cute, and it makes me sad that they are growing up so fast. I am afraid that I am missing precious time with them because I am so busy just taking care of them. I try to slow down and just enjoy them when I can but most of the time things are pretty busy around here. 

All of the babes have started smiling more. Korbin started smiling up at me when he was supposed to be sleeping in the crib. Even in the middle of the night we stop to smile at how cute he is, but then we tell him no matter how cute he is, it is time to go to sleep.Well now the other 2 have caught on and grin up at us from the crib as well. 

Braxton Smith
 Emery Grace
 Korbin Daniel

How could we not enjoy these cute faces? We are so blessed to have them, and we love them so much.

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love doing the prep for Christmas way more than I love Christmas day. In all honesty Christmas day actually makes me a little sad because this wonderful time of year has come and gone. I know it's silly, but that is how I feel. 
Anyway we had a great time getting our Christmas tree this year.  Doing things like hunting for a Christmas tree are a bit different with triplets, well actually everything is a bit different. Carson and I kept wondering how we were going to get our tree as a family. Carson refused to take Kynlee and leave me home with the babes, so we decided to drag Dallen and Shaylee along with us, luckily they are always willing to help us with our abundance of babies. 
We went to our trusty spot where we have found our tree for the last 3 years, and it did not disappoint. After a little hike up a hill, we quickly found 3 great options, narrowed it down, then chopped down our perfect tree.  

I finally upheld Carson and Dallen's childhood family tradition by bringing donuts and hot chocolate to have after the perfect tree was found. Although they assured me it was not really accurate because I got fresh donuts, rather than stale donuts like their Dad always got them. I guess I will have to plan ahead next year.

On December 1st we started decorating the house.
These three gave the orders while the rest of us went to work. 

 Carson put up the tree and added the lights.
 I put on the ribbon and decorations.
 And Kynlee decorated the entertainment center. She had so much fun, and she kept asking for more and more pieces. There is a nice mixture of village, nativity, and other decorations. 
 I love our tree!!!
 Kynlee thought Braxton needed to hold this festive bear. He seems to like it.
And now we are off having more Christmas fun.


We had a fun Thanksgiving in Moab.
Dad and Korbin had some bonding time.
Kynlee looked so cute at the kids table at Aunt Chris' Thanksgiving dinner. I am a failure, and this is the only picture I got from Thanksgiving day.
The weekend weather was great, and Carson decided that we should go on a hike. We sure have a lot of kids for things like this, and the hike turned out to be steeper than we thought it would be. 

It was slow going, but we all made it to this false kiva in Canyonlands. The view was incredible from the kiva.

Grandma Ree had some gingerbread kits for the kids to put together. 
Kynlee's favorite part was eating the candy.

Some other highlights from the week include:

  • Finally succeeding at making the Lemon Meringue pie for Thanksgiving dinner (admittedly it took way longer than it should have because I had to make the filling twice).
  • Playing Rook with Grandpa Mel
  • Ditching the boys with all the kids so Megan, Stacy and I could go to a holiday craft fair.
  • Playing the Farming Game, I even took 1st one night.
  • Doing the Insanity workout in the basement with Alex wearing a curly black wig. 
  • And of course we had fun spending time with family


We had lots of visitors in November, and we loved it!!!

Megan and her kids came to visit for the week,
Nathan and Tonya and their girls came to play,
and my aunts came to meet my beautiful babes.

These 3 had fun playing together (and fighting together at times).
Our house was very full.
Auntie love!!!
Oh and Dad and Marie dropped by, but that is fairly common these days. I love these pictures, Kynlee and the other kids faces shows the pure joy that comes from bubbles blown by Papa Joe.

Ok Little Em's face is not really portraying "pure joy."

These 2 helped me make pumpkin bread and homemade granola.
These 3 were as cute as can be all week long.
One morning Alex was helping me with the babes in the morning. The babes all sleep in the same crib, and Alex told me that he wanted me to have more babies!! He said that I could fit 2 more babies in the crib. Good idea Alex, I will get right on that.
The Aunts spoiled the kids with presents, and Alex and Kynlee just had to try this outfit on.
By the end of the week most of the visitors had left, and it was just Megan, Andrew, and their kids that we got to play with. I had so much fun with Megan, we went running, shopping, and out to dinner, 3 things that are real exciting outings to me these days. Our final outing was a picnic at the park.

Then it was time for cute goodbyes.

Megan and I's goodbye was not nearly so cute, I am sure Carson thinks I am crazy for tearing up when my sister leaves, especially when I am going to see her again in 2 weeks at Thanksgiving. Maybe triplets make you more emotional... yeah I will go with that.
It sure was fun while it lasted.