Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fear of Santa!

Tonight Carson was helping Kynlee say her prayers before bed. It went like this...

Carson: Dear Heavenly Father,

Kynlee: Heavenly Father,

Carson: Thank you for Mommy and Daddy.

Kynlee: Thank you Mommy Daddy.

Carson: Thank you that we could have a fun day.

Kynlee: Thank you fun day.

Carson: We're thankful that we could go see Santa.

Kynlee: ...I don't like Santa...

Yes it is true, Kynlee did not like Santa. We were afraid that might happen. On Friday night we decided we would take Kynlee to see Santa at a little craft boutique the  today. I started to prep her the night before about what would happen as well as all morning before we left. We stopped at the library first, and then walked across the street to see Santa. The whole time at the library, and on the walk over Kynlee was asking where Santa was, and assuring us that she was going to ask him for "A Christmas."  Great, we were thinking she would actually go thru with sitting on his lap and telling him what she wanted. As we were approaching the door Santa himself came out, and he was very tall. It was all over after that, Kynlee did not even want to go in anymore. We still went in and tried to get her to just stand with Santa, but she wouldn't even get close. However she did enjoy the candy cane that Carson had to take from Santa because she was not going anywhere near him.

I can't really blame her, he was very tall, and understandably intimidating. I remember as a child we would go sit on Santa's lap at our ward Christmas party. I already had a fear of this strange man with a beard, but at the party we had to go out onto the stage where Santa was sitting in front of everyone and say what we wanted into a microphone. Talk about terrifying!!! I am surprised I don't still have a fear of the jolly old man.

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Shaylee Rose said...

Ha ha I love the prayer!!!! Totally made me laugh!