Saturday, December 6, 2014

4 Months!

My babes are 4 months old!!! They are so cute, and it makes me sad that they are growing up so fast. I am afraid that I am missing precious time with them because I am so busy just taking care of them. I try to slow down and just enjoy them when I can but most of the time things are pretty busy around here. 

All of the babes have started smiling more. Korbin started smiling up at me when he was supposed to be sleeping in the crib. Even in the middle of the night we stop to smile at how cute he is, but then we tell him no matter how cute he is, it is time to go to sleep.Well now the other 2 have caught on and grin up at us from the crib as well. 

Braxton Smith
 Emery Grace
 Korbin Daniel

How could we not enjoy these cute faces? We are so blessed to have them, and we love them so much.

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