Sunday, January 29, 2012

You can't tell yet...

But there is a baby in there!!!

This is my pic from 13 weeks, I am now closer to 15 weeks, and maybe showing a tiny bit more. Hopefully I will post more pics soon. Carson and I were so happy when we found out just a week before Thanksgiving that we are going to have a baby. We decided to keep it a secret until Christmas and then we would tell both our families. Boy was it hard to not say anything when we saw everyone for Thanksgiving, but we managed. Then for Christmas we wrapped up our ultrasound picture, a cute little Christmas outfit (that will hopefully fit our little one by the time Christmas rolls around again), and some diapers. At the Dalton's we let Morgan open the present because she told us that all she wanted for Christmas was to be an aunt. She screamed she was so excited, as was everyone else. We let my Mom open the gift at the Holyoak's, and I am not really sure what everyone's initial reaction was because I was sitting next to Stacy who was yelling at Jeremy that he was missing everything. I did hear my Mom exclaim, "there is only one," when she saw the ultrasound picture. I guess one set of twin grandkids is not enough for her. The baby is due on July 24th, which seems really far away to me. I have been feeling pretty good so far, just a couple headaches, and only one or two trips to the bathroom to toss my breakfast (always at work because it is much more embarrassing there).
Besides sharing our exciting news, we also had a really fun Christmas. We managed to both get a few days off so we could have a little longer vacation. We played games, ate great food, and got to spend lots of time with family. We also got family pictures taken on my side, something that has not happened in a long time since it is so hard to get all of us together. Our pictures won't lack character though because there was lots of crying and unhappiness from some of the younger ones, and of course since I have the brothers that I have, there were many snowballs thrown directly at the head. It was not uncommon to be standing there patiently waiting to get your picture taken, and then all the sudden you would get hit in the back of the head. I'm sure there is snow, and more than one messed up hairdo caught on camera.

Now one more amusing story for the end of my post. The other day I was at work and this little 4 year old girl kept climbing and jumping on me. I finally told her that she couldn't jump on my belly because there was a baby in there. She immediately says, "Are you fat?" and starts trying to lift up my shirt. It was way funny, and then she would ask me if my baby was crying? Kids say the funniest things.