Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Kynlee!!!

My sweet baby girl is 1 year old. She is the joy of my life, and I honestly don't think I could have gotten through this trying year without her. Carson and I are so blessed to have her in our lives. 
Some things about our cute little monkey.
She is such a happy girl, and she has been awesome at sleeping through the night since she was about 3 months old. She has two teeth and she loves to use them to eat anything but scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes. She is a bit small for her age although you would really wonder why if you saw how much she eats throughout one day. Kynlee likes to sleep with a stuffed animal, doesn't really matter which one, although she really likes her giraffe Geri and her spotted dog Dizzy. She is a curious little thing and always wants to know what Mom and Dad are doing. She says Da Da, hi, and has just started saying uh oh. Kynlee has also started giving kisses if we ask, they are wet and open mouthed, and she is never satisfied with just one. If Carson and I are next to each other she gives me one kiss then him one, then me another one and Carson one more, if it is just me, then she gives at least 2 or 3 kisses, I love it. She can take a few steps before she falls on her bum. Her hair is now long enough to put into 2 tiny little pigtails, and I think she is the cutest little girl ever (I'm not biased or anything). 

She had an awesome birthday party!!! And now for the picture overload, but can you blame me, Kynlee is just so darn cute. 

 At first she was a little timid with the cake, We were way surprised because she really goes at pretty much any food we give her, and even food that we weren't intending to give her.
 She pretty much just wanted to play in the frosting at first. 
 Alex must have been getting impatient because he took things into his own hands.
Wait a minute, forget this spoon thing, I know how to do this.
 This birthday stuff is pretty awesome. 
 Her present from Mom and Dad
 Present from Papa Joe, she loves to walk with it.
 Present from Grandma and Grandpa Dalton.
Thanks everyone for celebrating one year of our sweet baby girl with us
Happy Birthday Kynlee, we love you so much!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Playing at the lake!

We had a fun time playing at the lake the other day.
 The guilty individual who put rocks on Kynlee's head.

Playing in the mud is great. 
I forgot my coupon for a free 2 hour kayak rental, so I guess that means we will just have to go again real soon.

Family Reunion Fun!

This is what everyone does at family reunions right???

The Dalton family reunion this year was a mid evil  theme. The above picture was part of the torture activity. We also had to have duct tape ripped off the back of our necks, walk across rocks on our knees, eat strange food combinations, and hold toothpicks in the crook behind our knees. There was a $20 prize so of course we were willing to do pretty much anything. Carson came close to winning in all, but he settled for second place and a bag of jerky. 

This is how we got ready for the reunion. We were left an air mattress in our rental house, so we were seeing if it was any good before we packed it. Kynlee thought it was great to bounce all over the living room. 

 Kynlee thought the money hunt was great, although she couldn't have cared less about the shiny coins, all that sawdust though.....she was in heaven.

We also had fun fencing, doing crafts, and playing horseshoes. It was a great reunion!!