Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Reunion Fun!

This is what everyone does at family reunions right???

The Dalton family reunion this year was a mid evil  theme. The above picture was part of the torture activity. We also had to have duct tape ripped off the back of our necks, walk across rocks on our knees, eat strange food combinations, and hold toothpicks in the crook behind our knees. There was a $20 prize so of course we were willing to do pretty much anything. Carson came close to winning in all, but he settled for second place and a bag of jerky. 

This is how we got ready for the reunion. We were left an air mattress in our rental house, so we were seeing if it was any good before we packed it. Kynlee thought it was great to bounce all over the living room. 

 Kynlee thought the money hunt was great, although she couldn't have cared less about the shiny coins, all that sawdust though.....she was in heaven.

We also had fun fencing, doing crafts, and playing horseshoes. It was a great reunion!!

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