Friday, January 9, 2015


All my kids are sleeping!!!!

It is a rare occurrence.

So why on earth am I blogging and not napping as well?

I would like to be napping, you wouldn't believe how much I would like to be.

I bet you never would have guessed this, but I don't get much sleep at night. 

But I have learned something about naps...

My days go better if I don't try to sneak them in. 

You see on really hard days when I think if I can just get a nap in I will feel better, it seems the universe conspires against me, mostly in the form of  adorable babes, but sometimes in other ways too. Inevitably there will be one babe on a different schedule than the other 2, and they want cuddles. Or my 2 year old who normally is an awesome sleeper will randomly decide she wants to "nap" in my bed which means I get kicked and picked at while neither of us sleep. Sometimes I am lucky and get a little nap in, but most days I just get really frustrated with being really tired and not being able to get a nap in.

Well the other day my babes slept pretty good, and I was not exhausted like I usually am so I didn't try to take a nap. And you know what? The whole day went much smoother. And I realized that every time I don't try to catch a little nap my days go much better.

Even with this knowledge I still tried to sneak in a little nap today. It was dumb, and I later regretted it, but at the time it seemed like such a good idea. You see all my babes were asleep, I had already picked up the house, dinner was thawing in the fridge, I had already unloaded the dishwasher, and made granola, my laundry was still drying in the dryer, so why not relax a little? 

I put my phone on silent and I already had bottles ready for when the babes woke up so I laid down. 

It took me a little while to fall asleep, that should have been my first clue to abandon the nap idea, but I don't learn easily. 

After a bit I fell asleep....

just 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Our renter had locked himself out and needed a key to get back in. Just my luck.

Isn't it funny how getting just a little sleep actually makes you more tired, and GRUMPY.

So here I sit in my silent house blogging rather than sleeping.

But it is ok.  Someday I will get to sleep all night long without having to get up, but that will mean my little babes aren't so little anymore and I will miss these cute little faces. So I will just try to enjoy watching them sleep rather than sleeping myself.

And maybe I will stop trying to sneak in naps.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


We started our babes on cereal. 

Emery loved it!

Braxton tolerated it!

 And Korbin hated it!

It is funny though because they have now switched all around. Korbin is the best eater, Braxton is pretty good, and Emery likes to keep her tongue out the whole time so it is hard to get food in. They like oatmeal much better than rice.
We love our babes, and we love that they sleep a little better with cereal in their bellies.

Sick of being sick

We have gone through lots of:
  • tissues
  • soup
  • tylenol
  • orange juice
Is cold and flu season over yet???

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

This handsome guy had a birthday!!!

I spent a whole 5 minutes making him this Birthday crown the night before, I left it on the table with a note that specifically said he was to wear the hat ALL day. Imagine my surprise when I got up after him to find it still on the table. He must have conveniently forgotten it.

 I made him yummy molten lava cakes!

For his main present, I arranged for my WONDERFUL sister to come watch our kids so we could go night boarding. Well it happened to be snowing that day, and I was afraid we were going to freeze our bums off, but we are poor and the night skiing is cheaper, so we were determined to still go. We had a really good time, and I only froze a little bit. I insisted on taking the camera up for one run so I could get these not so great photos to document the trip.

Happy Birthday Carson!!! You are my best friend and the greatest daddy in the world to our little ones, I love you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Months

These little babes are 5 months old!

Mr. Braxton is such a cutie. He likes it if I sing to him, and he gets especially excited for "Take me out to the Ball Game." I love his laugh, and I love how easy going he is most of the time.  He doesn't seem to need as much sleep as his brother and sister, and he does not like bedtime.
 Mr. Korbin is my smiley guy. Sometimes even when he is fussing if I give him a big smile and say "Hey Korbin," he will stop fussing and give me a grin (only sometimes though, sometimes he is really mad). He also spits up the most.
 Miss Emery is as cute as can be. She loves her tongue, she smiles with her mouth open as wide as she can get it, and she giggles more than the boys. I will work so hard to get a few giggles from her because they melt my heart. Little Em also has the most blow outs, she will go through the same amount of clothes as the boys combined. 
 Carson suggested I do a picture each month with all 3 babes, but it is really hard to get them all to cooperate. This is the best I could get.
The babes are starting to be more interactive, and we love to play with them. We are so happy they are part of our family.

More Christmas FUN!

I thought Kynlee would be really excited about Christmas morning this year, and I couldn't wait to see it. Come Christmas morning Kynlee was nervous to go down and see what Santa had brought.

She planted herself on the stairs and wouldn't budge. We had to do a little persuading to get her to go to the family room. 
 Once she saw this cozy coupe she was sold on Christmas. Kynlee has loved cozy coupes since she rode one at a cousin's house last Easter. She even came home in tears one time when Carson and I took her on a walk around the neighborhood and she saw one in someone's yard. It is hard for a little girl to understand that the car didn't belong to us so we couldn't ride it. I considered getting her one for her birthday, but with having triplets and all right around that time it didn't happen. But Santa/Grandma and Grandpa Dalton made a little girls dreams come true. 

 Santa must have known that Grandpa Dan likes to share his Mt. Dews with Kynlee. And this special little girl must have been really good this year, because she got not 1 cozy coupe...

...but 2. Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Stacy knew Kynlee's love for cozy coupes as well. She sure is spoiled.

 Emery tips over.
 Grandma Matheson and little Braxton.
 Uncle David and Korbin.
 Grandpa Mel sang little tunes to Braxton until he fell asleep.
 Emery in her new hat.

 Kynlee with her Merida doll from Papa and Ree.
 The best part about Christmas at my Dad's is the grab bag he does for the kids. (Ok so the boys would argue that it is the prime rib my Dad cooks, but I don't get all that excited about meat.) There is a boy bag and a girl bag, and all the kids get to take turns reaching into a bag to get a little toy. The catch is that there is a little toy snake in the bag, It is usually a younger kid that finds the snake (the older kids know to feel around and avoid it), and Dad jumps and acts all scared when they pull it out. The kids love it. 

And finally we had our quiet little Christmas at home. After a crazy week of being with family it was nice to have this little Christmas together.

 Carson got me a nice running jacket so I can train for the 1/2 Marathon that is coming up in March. Although after I slipped on some gravel the snow plow pushed up on the sidewalk the other day and fell really hard on my hip, I am kind of doubting my ability to actually run the race.
 Carson got a new coat for snowboarding. Do you like that I didn't even take it out of the package it was shipped in?


Christmas Eve

We had so much fun spending time with family in Moab over Christmas break.

There were races down the stairs.
 I'm not really sure what the Dalton cousins are doing to Korbin here, but he looks cute no matter what.

They told Kynlee she could be an angel for the live nativity. Carson took her to the other room to help her get dressed, but when they came back... he was the one dressed up as the angel. Apparently she didn't like the big white robe, and she wanted to be Mary with a baby. 
So we had:
3 Marys
No Joseph
And one really good looking angel :-)

 Then we opened Christmas jammies!!!

 Cute babes in their jammies! Emery, Braxton, and Korbin

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Kyn was quite the grump that day. You would think it would be hard to get good pictures of the babes, but nope, it was our normally very nice 2 year old that would not cooperate. 

We will just have to live with this picture, at least it shows the cute jammies.