Friday, January 9, 2015


All my kids are sleeping!!!!

It is a rare occurrence.

So why on earth am I blogging and not napping as well?

I would like to be napping, you wouldn't believe how much I would like to be.

I bet you never would have guessed this, but I don't get much sleep at night. 

But I have learned something about naps...

My days go better if I don't try to sneak them in. 

You see on really hard days when I think if I can just get a nap in I will feel better, it seems the universe conspires against me, mostly in the form of  adorable babes, but sometimes in other ways too. Inevitably there will be one babe on a different schedule than the other 2, and they want cuddles. Or my 2 year old who normally is an awesome sleeper will randomly decide she wants to "nap" in my bed which means I get kicked and picked at while neither of us sleep. Sometimes I am lucky and get a little nap in, but most days I just get really frustrated with being really tired and not being able to get a nap in.

Well the other day my babes slept pretty good, and I was not exhausted like I usually am so I didn't try to take a nap. And you know what? The whole day went much smoother. And I realized that every time I don't try to catch a little nap my days go much better.

Even with this knowledge I still tried to sneak in a little nap today. It was dumb, and I later regretted it, but at the time it seemed like such a good idea. You see all my babes were asleep, I had already picked up the house, dinner was thawing in the fridge, I had already unloaded the dishwasher, and made granola, my laundry was still drying in the dryer, so why not relax a little? 

I put my phone on silent and I already had bottles ready for when the babes woke up so I laid down. 

It took me a little while to fall asleep, that should have been my first clue to abandon the nap idea, but I don't learn easily. 

After a bit I fell asleep....

just 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Our renter had locked himself out and needed a key to get back in. Just my luck.

Isn't it funny how getting just a little sleep actually makes you more tired, and GRUMPY.

So here I sit in my silent house blogging rather than sleeping.

But it is ok.  Someday I will get to sleep all night long without having to get up, but that will mean my little babes aren't so little anymore and I will miss these cute little faces. So I will just try to enjoy watching them sleep rather than sleeping myself.

And maybe I will stop trying to sneak in naps.

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