Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Months

These little babes are 5 months old!

Mr. Braxton is such a cutie. He likes it if I sing to him, and he gets especially excited for "Take me out to the Ball Game." I love his laugh, and I love how easy going he is most of the time.  He doesn't seem to need as much sleep as his brother and sister, and he does not like bedtime.
 Mr. Korbin is my smiley guy. Sometimes even when he is fussing if I give him a big smile and say "Hey Korbin," he will stop fussing and give me a grin (only sometimes though, sometimes he is really mad). He also spits up the most.
 Miss Emery is as cute as can be. She loves her tongue, she smiles with her mouth open as wide as she can get it, and she giggles more than the boys. I will work so hard to get a few giggles from her because they melt my heart. Little Em also has the most blow outs, she will go through the same amount of clothes as the boys combined. 
 Carson suggested I do a picture each month with all 3 babes, but it is really hard to get them all to cooperate. This is the best I could get.
The babes are starting to be more interactive, and we love to play with them. We are so happy they are part of our family.

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