Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

This handsome guy had a birthday!!!

I spent a whole 5 minutes making him this Birthday crown the night before, I left it on the table with a note that specifically said he was to wear the hat ALL day. Imagine my surprise when I got up after him to find it still on the table. He must have conveniently forgotten it.

 I made him yummy molten lava cakes!

For his main present, I arranged for my WONDERFUL sister to come watch our kids so we could go night boarding. Well it happened to be snowing that day, and I was afraid we were going to freeze our bums off, but we are poor and the night skiing is cheaper, so we were determined to still go. We had a really good time, and I only froze a little bit. I insisted on taking the camera up for one run so I could get these not so great photos to document the trip.

Happy Birthday Carson!!! You are my best friend and the greatest daddy in the world to our little ones, I love you.

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