Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Isn't Family Fun???

Carson and I are so lucky that we get to go visit family so often. We headed down to Moab last weekend to go to another reunion but of course we planned a little time to play first. When we got to town we stopped to see Carson's family and by the time we were heading out to my parents house I had 2 messages on my phone from my sister begging Carson and I to take my nephew to Harry Potter at midnight (like she really had to pull my arm to get me to go, and to go for free at that) Anyway apparently her orthodontist rented out the whole theater and let his patients go for free. With an opportunity to not go Stacy claimed said was old and could not do a midnight movie, so she gave Carson her spot, then we just had to talk Payton into giving me hers, she was easily persuaded with the promise of a princess movie for her, and good thing too because I don't think she would have liked the movie. In fact she might have been worse than Parker who asked me questions throughout the whole movie (on our way there I learned that he had not seen part one). Well I didn't mind him asking me questions, but he doesn't really whisper when he asks them so every once in a while we would get looks from the people around us. It was fun to get to take him though, and I loved the movie, Carson has seen all the movies, but he still tends to get a little lost, so he might not have loved it as much as me.

Then next morning we got to go meet brand new Cheznie Mae, number 7 on my "Proud Aunt List." Tori is doing great, motherhood fits her well, like we always knew it would.

After that we got to head to the cabin where I killed everyone in squeek twice!!!

Nathan cooking breakfast!!! Can you believe it? It was actually really good!!

The new skylight in the cabin. The boys spent the morning fixing the stovepipe. Us girls tried to avoid helping. Stacy assured me she gets to be the favorite because she helped the most, well that is fine by me (although I am pretty sure I climbed the ladder more times than her). Not that we don't want to help, it's just that the boys tend to bark commands at us as they run by and they expect us to be able to find whatever strange named items they list. Then they act like we are dumb when it takes a few tries to get the right supplies.

These 2 spent lots of time breaking in Parker's new bow.

I don't know how I managed this. You see I made friends with Kendra early on, but Kayla doesn't really want anything to do with me. Nathan managed to slip her on my lap once though without her really noticing who was holding her (or maybe she had just given up resisting at that point, she does look a little tired in the picture)

Crystal showing off her and Payton's moth collection. There were so many moths, even after my parents spent the weekend before battling them.

After one night at the cabin it was time to go to the reunion, we finally made it there only about 2 more hours of stovepipe repairs than we had anticipated. We forgot to bust out the camera the first day, so we don't have very many pictures, but we had a good time.

We were given a bag of supplies and told to make a tractor with them. This is our bulldozer. We won most realistic (which means the other ones must have been really odd looking)

I have never really played horse shoes much, except last year at the reunion, and this year at the reunion, so I am not very good. I did manage to get my first ringer this year though, and Carson and I did beat Danny and Dallen twice in a row (I am choosing to forget the fact that they beat us twice the day before)

Some other highlights of the reunion include: playing Scum with all the cousins, back up singing for Morgan's version of "Old Dan Dalton had a Farm," cow pie tossing contest, and of course all the FOOD!!!!

Unfortunately Carson and I had to leave the reunion a little early so that we could move everything out of our apartment by 8:00 Monday morning to get new carpet. This only makes about the billionth time that we have had to move our couches and crazy heavy entertainment center.

But we love our new carpet.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Fun Day at the Lake!!!

Last weekend Carson and I got to go bass fishing with 2 of his uncles, and 2 cousins. We had such a good time!! And guess who won the fishing contest between us???


Yep I out-fished the master (or at least that what he says he was before his mission). Anyway I caught 2 good size fish, and all Carson caught was one little excuse for a fish. Actually I caught 3 fish because when we started to fillet my bigger one, the first slit on the back of his neck caused him to spew out a little fish right on the table. We also got to do some fun tubing mixed in with the fishing. All in all it was a great day.

My Big FISH!!!
Carson struggling to get back in the boat.
Carson and I riding on the tube.
Uncle Kent (aka our Skipper)

I tried to upload a video of one of the tubing crashes, but it would never finish loading. Carson and Michael were hard-core on the tubes though. They kept egging Kent on by saying things like, "oh that one was so slow we finally got bored and jumped off." Well Kent sure gave them some wild rides, and the whole time Michael would just keep saying, "faster, faster."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Carson and I had a really fun 4th of July. First we went to a parade where we had more fun watching the kids chase after candy than watching the actual parade. Then we played Megan and Andrew in basketball. I would tell you that we won, but we probably didn't. It was close at first, but then Andrew kinda stepped it up, and well... we will just blame the loss on the height disadvantage. Then we had a super yummy dinner with jalapeno poppers, hot dogs, strawberries, and homemade fries. Megan and Andrew also made homemade ice cream, but for some reason it never really hardened up. We're talking hours of the little electric ice cream maker cranking away, and we still had to drink the ice cream. It was still very yummy. Then we headed off to watch the fireworks. They were not the best fireworks I have ever seen, and for some reason the town shoots them off from a low spot rather than a hill or something, so you can't see them very well, but I still love seeing them, it is not the 4th of July without them.

This is when Carson and Andrew put the little car track around Alex's little bouncer, but then they would hold his hands up so that he could not play with them because he kept stopping the cars. Ha Ha!!

Megan adding more ice and salt to the ice cream maker, even though it didn't seem to help.

Carson and Andrew carrying the jogging stroller up a steep hill so we could watch the fireworks from a little higher spot.Watching the fireworks!!!