Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Carson and I had a really fun 4th of July. First we went to a parade where we had more fun watching the kids chase after candy than watching the actual parade. Then we played Megan and Andrew in basketball. I would tell you that we won, but we probably didn't. It was close at first, but then Andrew kinda stepped it up, and well... we will just blame the loss on the height disadvantage. Then we had a super yummy dinner with jalapeno poppers, hot dogs, strawberries, and homemade fries. Megan and Andrew also made homemade ice cream, but for some reason it never really hardened up. We're talking hours of the little electric ice cream maker cranking away, and we still had to drink the ice cream. It was still very yummy. Then we headed off to watch the fireworks. They were not the best fireworks I have ever seen, and for some reason the town shoots them off from a low spot rather than a hill or something, so you can't see them very well, but I still love seeing them, it is not the 4th of July without them.

This is when Carson and Andrew put the little car track around Alex's little bouncer, but then they would hold his hands up so that he could not play with them because he kept stopping the cars. Ha Ha!!

Megan adding more ice and salt to the ice cream maker, even though it didn't seem to help.

Carson and Andrew carrying the jogging stroller up a steep hill so we could watch the fireworks from a little higher spot.Watching the fireworks!!!

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