Monday, July 11, 2011

A Fun Day at the Lake!!!

Last weekend Carson and I got to go bass fishing with 2 of his uncles, and 2 cousins. We had such a good time!! And guess who won the fishing contest between us???


Yep I out-fished the master (or at least that what he says he was before his mission). Anyway I caught 2 good size fish, and all Carson caught was one little excuse for a fish. Actually I caught 3 fish because when we started to fillet my bigger one, the first slit on the back of his neck caused him to spew out a little fish right on the table. We also got to do some fun tubing mixed in with the fishing. All in all it was a great day.

My Big FISH!!!
Carson struggling to get back in the boat.
Carson and I riding on the tube.
Uncle Kent (aka our Skipper)

I tried to upload a video of one of the tubing crashes, but it would never finish loading. Carson and Michael were hard-core on the tubes though. They kept egging Kent on by saying things like, "oh that one was so slow we finally got bored and jumped off." Well Kent sure gave them some wild rides, and the whole time Michael would just keep saying, "faster, faster."

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