Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Having fun in the Snow... or are we?

While we were in Moab we got to go sledding with family for Andrew's birthday. I used to feel bad for Andrew that his birthday is on Christmas Eve. I mean how special does your birthday feel when everyone is already celebrating? But then I realized that he is actually lucky because we are usually together for Christmas Eve so he gets to spend his birthday with family. 

The day started out great. Alex was having a blast!
 Kynlee was having fun exploring in the snow.
 She liked it when daddy pulled her down the road in the tube.

 We are so happy when we get to see these cute faces.

 More playing in the snow.

 Megan going down the hill.
Me going down the hill.

 These two are starting to get ready to go down. Kyn is starting to get nervous.
 Marie cheering Dad on after he fell off his sled.
 Almost ready to try it, although at this point Kynlee was saying she didn't want to go down.
 Andrew and McKenna. I love McKenna's face. She pretty much had this exact same expression on the whole time. I guess we will never know if she loved it, or hated it.
This was Kynlee's only ride down the hill. She is kind of getting dragged along, so I can't really blame her for not enjoying herself, but she was very grumpy the rest of the time there, and really the rest of the day. If anyone tried to talk to her she just burst into tears. Not really very fun.
 Dad again. I think we are so lucky that our 65 year old Dad will still go sledding with us.
 Alex still having a blast.

But then again he had it pretty easy getting back up the hill.

 Alex and I were so excited that we were both dressed in red coats and black pants.

 And Kynlee spent most of the time in the car eating pretzels. Maybe she will have more fun next time, and maybe Mom and Dad will make sure she gets a nap next time.


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