Friday, February 6, 2015

6 Months!!

That's right, my babes are 6 months old!! I can't believe it either.

Miss Emery is my early riser. She loves to lay on the floor and kick her feet. She gives up giggles easily, and she is a bit of a beast if she gets too tired before I put her down for a nap. We love her so much!

Mister Korbin is my smiley guy but he doesn't give up giggles easily. He is the best sleeper of the bunch, and he is a chatty boy. We love him so much. 

Mister Braxton likes to sleep in late, and he never seems to be on the same sleeping schedule as the other babes. He giggles when tickled, and he is still a nice mellow boy. We love him so much.

Some days are really hard with the babes, but some things have gotten easier too. We are  trying really hard to get them to sleep thru the night, and they are trying really hard to not sleep thru the night. They are growing nicely, and they like to eat baby food and cereal. They also like to play on the floor and they like music. They have started tormenting each other a little so I may have to start putting them farther apart. Sometimes I catch Braxton holding onto Emery's ear, or Emery kicking Korbin in the head, or Korbin sucking on Braxton's head. Other times I catch them holding hands and it makes my heart melt. They are so sweet and I love to snuggle them. Carson and I still find ourselves saying we can't believe we have triplets. We never thought this is how our lives would go, but we can't imagine our family without any of our sweet babes, we love them so much.

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