Saturday, December 6, 2014


We had lots of visitors in November, and we loved it!!!

Megan and her kids came to visit for the week,
Nathan and Tonya and their girls came to play,
and my aunts came to meet my beautiful babes.

These 3 had fun playing together (and fighting together at times).
Our house was very full.
Auntie love!!!
Oh and Dad and Marie dropped by, but that is fairly common these days. I love these pictures, Kynlee and the other kids faces shows the pure joy that comes from bubbles blown by Papa Joe.

Ok Little Em's face is not really portraying "pure joy."

These 2 helped me make pumpkin bread and homemade granola.
These 3 were as cute as can be all week long.
One morning Alex was helping me with the babes in the morning. The babes all sleep in the same crib, and Alex told me that he wanted me to have more babies!! He said that I could fit 2 more babies in the crib. Good idea Alex, I will get right on that.
The Aunts spoiled the kids with presents, and Alex and Kynlee just had to try this outfit on.
By the end of the week most of the visitors had left, and it was just Megan, Andrew, and their kids that we got to play with. I had so much fun with Megan, we went running, shopping, and out to dinner, 3 things that are real exciting outings to me these days. Our final outing was a picnic at the park.

Then it was time for cute goodbyes.

Megan and I's goodbye was not nearly so cute, I am sure Carson thinks I am crazy for tearing up when my sister leaves, especially when I am going to see her again in 2 weeks at Thanksgiving. Maybe triplets make you more emotional... yeah I will go with that.
It sure was fun while it lasted.

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