Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 Months!

My babes are now 3 months old!!
They are cute as ever, and we have gotten down to only one feeding at night WOOHOO!!!

Emery Grace
I'm pretty sure this little girl is the biggest now, and she sleeps the best. Her big sister loves her, and looks out for her all the time. She is such a sweet girl, and we love her very much.
Korbin Daniel 
This little guy is the smallest. He has taken interest in toys, and he gives us smiles now. He still loves to cuddle, and we love him so much.
 Braxton Smith
This little guy is such a joy, he is more reserved with his smiles, and he fusses a little bit at bedtime, but he is a very nice guy all day long, and we love him to pieces.
 In my completely unbiased opinion, these are 3 of the cutest babies ever. I wasn't sure that we would even survive having triplets this long, but we made it, and we love them to pieces. Life is definitely different, and Carson and I don't feel very productive most days, but we are so happy to have this little family. 

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The Gillen's said...

Getting bigger! They are all so cute!