Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bad Idea!!

So the other day I was giving Carson a haircut before we went to church. I usually give him pretty good haircuts, but this day was definitely an exception. I had gotten the two guards that we would need out and put them on the counter. I used one of them, but then when I went to switch the guard I accidentally grabbed the guard that Carson had left on the counter from when he trimmed his beard. Of course I didn't notice that I had a way shorter guard than I should have until I made a nice short line up one side of his head. I was sick the instant I saw it and I almost burst into tears. Carson was so nice though, he never got mad, or even acted like he really cared. I am not sure if he was so nice because I am pregnant and was about in tears, or if it was the fact that he couldn't actually see how bad it was. We ended up having to cut all of it shorter, and evening it out till it looked less noticeable. The really sad part was that I had insisted that he get a haircut because we were speaking in church that day, apparently that was a really bad idea. He ended up wearing a hat for a few days until it was not noticeable (guys are pretty lucky that way). I apologized about a million times in the next two days, and I kept saying that I was not going to cut his hair ever again, but he must be either really crazy or really cheap because he insists that he still wants me to cut his hair. (sorry no pics, I was too ashamed to take any)

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Jeremy and Chelsey Gillen said...

OH man, that is too bad! I've thought about trying to cut Jeremy's hair, maybe I won't now. lol