Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 months to go...

21 weeks ( I think some of the growth this week can be attributed to all the great food we ate in San Francisco)

23 weeks

25 weeks

And lastly today at 27 weeks which is also exactly 6 months for me!!! I have been feeling great, but my mom told me I really must be pregnant when I told her that I considered putting a fried egg on my tuna fish sandwich the other day ( I just thought about it, I didn't do it), but honestly I still don't think it sounds that bad. Some other things I have been craving lately include: strawberries, doritos, and smoothies. So far I feel like I have been really lucky in my pregnancy,  other than a few headaches at the beginning, I can count on one hand the number of days I have been sick and still have fingers to spare. I still feel like I have a long time to go till our little girl is here, but we have to be getting closer, right???


Jeremy and Chelsey Gillen said...

Wow, you look so small! Only 2 months left? I want to come visit when the little one arives. So remember to text me :). That does sound like a lucky pregnancy! I hope I get that lucky when the time comes.

Jeremy and Chelsey Gillen said...

I meant 3 months. lol