Thursday, April 12, 2012

San Francisco

For spring break Carson and I headed to San Francisco with Megan and Andrew for a few days. It was a great trip, we did so many fun things, saw so many cool sites, and ate soooo much good food. The millions of pictures below are the big
highlights of the trip

Eating yummy burgers in San Jose

Visiting the Winchester Mystery Mansion

This house was purchased by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester. She thought she was being haunted and was told that she could keep the spirits at bay if she built a house and never finished it. This led the the mystery mansion of staircases that go straight to ceilings, doors that go nowhere, and many other architectural oddities.
We had a fun time touring the mansion. We stayed near the back of the group so Carson was free to explore all the doors and cupboards, he even found a trap door in the floor.
Even though it was a little chilly, we had to stop at the beach for a bit
Carson thought it would be fun to bury my legs in the sand, and then a random dog came to visit while I was immobile

Hiking in the Muir Woods
Redwood trees are so cool

The bakery at pier 39 really made me want to try making shapes with my bread

We had a great time learning about the history of Alcatraz with the audio tour. We were particularly fascinated by the break out attempts and successes

We also had a great lunch in China town. I was pretty surprised at how similar some of the foods were to real food from China
We had a ton of fun at the Musee Mecanique
The best part was a heated battle of hockey that ended in overtime with Carson and I as the victors
The losers
He sure is cute
Pier 39
One of our favorite places was the Mirror Maze (yes we drove for hours and paid $5.00 a person to have the most fun at the mirror maze)
Once we stepped inside the maze we realized how confusing it really was. Since we had the whole place to ourselves we decided to play tag, a much harder task than it sounds. At one point I thought I was sneaking up on Carson only to turn a corner and tag/punch myself in a mirror. The best part was watching Megan running at me when she totally ran into herself and bounced off her own image onto the floor. There were actually many times that Megan and I were on the floor because we were laughing so hard.
The sea lions!! We kept hitting the pier at night so we could barely see them, but I kept insisting that we had to see them during the day, it wasn't until our last day there that we managed to see them in the daytime.
Carson and I with Alcatraz in the background
Some other highlights of the trip include:
  • Walking hours to see Japanese town in San Jose when it really was not worth seeing at all
  • Our super smelly hotel room in San Francisco. The carpets had been cleaned and never dried leading to a very musty smell that the nose never adjusted to, luckily we got to move rooms after the first night
  • Hitting Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate
  • Eating in Little Italy with a never ending supply of bread
  • Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge
  • The yummy scone place we stopped for breakfast on our last day
  • And the best part... not having to worry about school or work for a few days and getting to spend time with each other


Shaylee Rose said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Jeremy and Chelsey Gillen said...

That mansion looks awesome!!! And yay for REAL Chinese food!

Spacey Stacy said...

Cute photos! I am so glad that you guys had fun.

Brian and Kelsey said...

Sounds like a great trip. Probably a much needed break