Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter fun!!

So I know this post is a little late, but it was too funny not to share. We had a really fun Easter where we decorated cookies and had a super yummy ham dinner with Megan and Andrew.
Since we did the cookies the night before Easter, Carson was at work and did not get to participate. I was texting him before we started though, and he requested that I make a cookie for him that said " Carson Loves Lindsay Most." I told him no way, and I instead made the cookie you see below that says, "Lindsay Loves Carson Most." Then I took a picture of the cookie and sent it to Carson. He said that he was going to take a permanent marker and change it when he got there. I told him he would have to eat it then.

So then when Carson joined us after he got off work I told him to go in the kitchen and see his cookie. Well he went in the kitchen and stayed in there for a long time. We could only imagine what he was doing, (I still had the image of a permanent marker on frosting in my head}. After a long time he came back with the masterpiece you see below.

Quite creative, and probably more edible than ink from a permanent marker.
But we all know I really love Carson most.


Brian and Kelsey said...

Ha ha I love it!

Jeremy and Chelsey Gillen said...

Hehe I like you guys. I miss you tons!

Spacey Stacy said...

So CUTE!!! Miss you guys