Friday, June 5, 2015

10 Months!!

My cute little babes are 10 months old!!!

The Korbinator is such a cute little guy. You can't really tell from the picture, but this guy has gotten CHUNKY. I love pinching his meaty thighs every time I change his diaper. He is very adventurous, and his two bottom teeth have popped up. We love him so much!
Mr. B-Bop is such a handsome little guy. He is about half a pound bigger than the other babes. He likes to play ball, or pretty much anything that we will retrieve over and over for him. He has the most hair, but it is very light just like his Daddy's was. We love him so much!

Miss Emmy Lou gets prettier every day. She has a perfect peaches and cream complextion, and I love her big grins. She still army crawls most of the time. She has the least amount of hair, and her skin is soft and squishy. She likes to laugh at her big sister. We love her so much!

These babes sure keep me busy. I like to sit on the floor and play with them. They like to climb all over me when I do. It is a lot of work when I have to get up. I have to unload one baby, then another. By this time the first baby unloaded has already climbed back on, and it is the game that never ends. All the babes head straight for the door if it gets opened, and they love to play and get dirty outside. They also like to play in water in the tub, in our little pool, in a puddle on the driveway, or in the sink. We love them so much!!!

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