Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Family Reunions

Our family has had lots of fun at family reunions this summer. I am really bummed that I forgot my camera for the Dalton reunion, so you will only get to hear about the Matheson one, but just know we had tons of fun at both of them. 

We got to go up to Eagle Mountain near Beaver for the reunion this year. It was nice to get out of the heat spells we have been enduring this year, and the mountains are so pretty.
 Morgan wrote an awesome rap for us to do as our skit called "Ice Ice Babies."
 Kynlee thought the hunt in the sawdust was great.
 It is really fun that my Dad married Carson's Aunt Marie so we get to see both grandparents at the reunion.
 Cousin Melissa feeding Korbin.  (She's single if anyone knows a nice guy for her)

 The dirtier they are, the more fun they had, right?
 The babes enjoyed Grandma Ree's birthday cake.

I'm pretty impressed that I got a picture of this crew with everyone actaully looking. I am amazed by this family, they are truly great people. I am amazed that they all make the effort to get together for the reunion, rarely is one of them missing and they all get along so well. I could not have married into a better family. 

 This little angel loved playing in the sawdust whether there was candy and money in there or not.
 We had such a fun time visiting with family, playing cards, showing off our cute babes, and eating good food. We love hanging out with family.

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