Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Fun!!!

So I have been a slacking blogger lately. I am now back in the states for a very busy summer. I work about 62 hours a week between my two jobs, but I still manage to find time to play with my family and friends, who needs sleep anyway?

Last weekend Megan and Andrew came to visit and they brought Parker and Payton along for a fun fun weekend. We started off Saturday with a slip n slide in the front yard. Even Mom joined in, and we had a few great laughs. Andrew is definitely the biggest daredevil of the bunch. Mom kept assuring us that her body just does not slide. She was so funny, she would take off running, then she would just sit down when she got to the tarp and use her hands to push her along.If you got going too fast down the hill you ended up in the flower bed with scratches and mud all over you, (though the picture of this occurrence is Megan, most of us experienced it first hand). Well as if we had not had enough water fun, we headed to Left Hand for the afternoon with some friends. The water was pretty high, so there was great jumping, we even got Parker to jump off the rocks as long as he was between Andrew and I. Stacy and Jer joined us as we were hiking back. We discovered that Andrew is not the best babysitter as he let Payton get carried away with some stranger. It turned out to be Jeremy, but I think Payton was sure scared for a second.

We finished off the night with a birthday party for Geneava and a movie. The next day we attended Brennan's homecoming. It is so fun to have my good friend back. He is such an entertaining person. I hope Andrew enjoyed his little glimpse of Moab. The whole weekend was full of family, fun, great food, and of course some heated rounds of Settlers.


Brian and Kelsey said...

Sound like lots of fun! When are you coming to Cedar?

Spacey Stacy said...

I love Parkers' face in that last picture. Thanks for being his buddy, and taking the kids to do fun things.