Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This weekend we have done lots of really fun things. On Friday night 4 of us ventured out to try a Chinese restaurant. It was pretty interesting trying to order because our waiter didn’t speak English and we don’t speak Chinese. We just pointed to what we wanted on the menu, and then we even pointed at the table next to us to tell the waiter that we wanted what they were having. The food actually turned out to be really really good. We really lucked out considering we had no idea what we were eating, but we never really know what we were eating. The meat here has lots of bones though, so it is a little hard to eat, and I learned the hard way that is it not a good idea to pop a piece of ginger into your mouth (I thought it was a potato), it was so strong that it burned my whole mouth.
Saturday we went out for pizza at “Little Italy’s” for Skyla’s birthday. It was so great to have cheese again! Next we headed off for karaoke night with some of the teachers from the school. We had a great time. The other teachers even got Sklya a bouquet of roses, and there was a cake and everything.
Now for our next adventure, which I will start off by telling you that my hair has never been as clean as it is right now. Annie (our Asian coordinator) took us to get our hair cut, but it we got so much more than that. We started off with about an hour long head massage and hair washing. They even washed our ears, and massaged our necks. Next we went on to get our hair styled and cut. I must admit that I was way nervous because I have heard horror stories from the other ILP teachers about getting their hair cut here in China, but I was determined to be brave. We looked thru the pictures, and I was still way skeptical and just kept thinking “I so do not want a Chinese mullet.” My cut ended up being really good, and we all had a great time. Now for the best part… the whole thing cost less than $4!!! Definitely can't beat that in the states.

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Heather S. said...

Sweet! I would love to get all that for only $4!