Monday, November 9, 2009

A Well Balanced Breakfast!!

Today we had house visits with some of the students in our classes. Becca and I trekked out early to meet 2 of the other Chinese teachers and be on our way. We were scheduled to meet with 5 students. We knew that there would be breakfast at the second house, and then lunch at the last house. With this in mind we stop at the first house where we are immediately offered a big bowl of miniature apples. To be polite we take some, and munch away not realizing at that time that we would not be allowed to leave the house until all of the apples were gone. We were also given chestnut soup in the middle of the apple munching, so we left the first stop already full as we headed off to breakfast with the next family. So now you will find out what the Chinese consider breakfast food. First off there are chicken feet, dumplings, beef balls, and bean paste filled steamed buns wrapped up lambus bread style. Oh and we cannot forget the carrot-apple puree, pistachio pastries, and bok choy (a cross between broccoli and celery). Then the meal was topped off with a nice steaming bowl of kidney and intestine soup. Yes we ate all of it: chicken feet, kidney, intestines and all (intestine is really chewy). We left feeling very full, and of course we were given more food at the other stops.


Lesa said...

hey, this is random, but in your halloween post I recognized Becca ... I can't remember her last name, but she went to Wasatch High (where I graduated from)! Weird coincidence. Anyway, looks like a yummy breakfast you had, I don't know if I could eat the chicken feet hah!!

Nevaeh said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! I would have died!!!!! I love you all, but I am really happy I came home! I can totally see Becca eating all that food with a big smile on her face!! lol

Spacey Stacy said...

Lindsay you are such a trooper! I don't know if I would have been able to do that. Can't wait to see you soon! My kiddos keep asking about you! Parker wants you to teach him Piano when you come home.
Love Ya.