Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a New Year!!!

I had a great Christmas and New Years!! It is really good to be back in the states with my family. I was rather lost for a week or two after getting back. I miss my China friends so much, and I feel incomplete without them. At first I kept thinking of funny inside jokes, or memories from China, but just as I was about to say them, I would realize that no one that I was with would have any idea what I was talking about so I just had to keep all my thoughts to myself. I really enjoyed getting to play with my family, and I am not so lost anymore. I got to work over the break out at the potash plant, (or ash pot as Parker called it). It was a little cold, but I love working out there, the people are great. Christmas was great, especially the food!!! I had lots of fun buying gifts for everyone in China and I hope everyone liked their gifts. I did bust out the chicken feet at Christmas dinner, and there were a few souls who were brave enough to try them. The packaged ones are not as good as the fresh ones, but they did smell like China. (See previous post) I learned tons of new games from my family over the break and we would play until way late into the night (not the best remedy for getting over jet lag). New Years was fun filled with friends, Kim Call's homemade donuts, gummy worms, and a movie. Parker and Payton got so big while I was gone, I played with them as much as I could over the break. We had fun making sugar cookies, dying paper, and just hanging out. I sure was sad to say goodbye to them, and all of my family.

Now I am back in Cedar City after just 2 short weeks at home. I am having trouble getting back into school, mostly just the fact that I actually have to do homework and reading at night. I really like school and my classes though, so I will hopefully be able to adjust to the homework and stuff real soon. I love being able to hang with Megan and Andrew whenever I want, we have already made our arms very sore playing racquetball. Since being here I have already been in 2 earthquakes, ran over 18 miles, and killed my toenail again (what is wrong with me?)

I am usually not a fan of New Years resolutions, but this year I did actually make a few, and I am going to post them with the hopes that it will help motivate me to keep them.

  • Cut back on sugary foods. Since I come from a family of diabetics, it would probably be a good idea for me to stop giving in to my sweet tooth so much.

  • Exercise at least 5 if not 6 times a week. I am doing great on this one so far since Megan and I are training to run the half marathon in the spring.

  • Study (not just read) my scriptures everyday.

Good Luck to anyone else who made resolutions this year!!!!


Spacey Stacy said...

We miss you too! It was so fun having you here. Study hard so you can come back and play with us.

Chelsey Cutler said...

I miss you a ton! I still have inside jokes running through my head constantly. Do you not get sick from food here? Cause most things I eat, my stomach doesn't like afterwards. Good luck on your New Years Revolutions!

Megan and Andrew said...

Yay for New Years Resolutions!!! Good luck! I finally wrote my goals down today.