Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carson is Home!!!

Last week I took off three days of school to head home to Moab and visit my best friend in the world who is finally home from a mission in Peoria Illinois. We pretty much spent every minute together the entire week. Carson taught me how to play frisbee golf at the new course in Moab. I was not very good, but we had lots of fun. We played with my niece and nephew, watched movies, worked on putting snow tracks on a 4-wheeler (I was not much help), played games, had a picnic in the park, and went hiking with my family. I even beat Carson at chess, a rare occurrence before he left. The week ended with Parker's baptism. It was so fun to get to be there for my little buddy as he made this important step in his life. Congratulations Bud!!!
I had such a fun week, but sadly now I am back in Cedar City (where it annoyingly snowed today) studying for tests and writing term papers. There is a window of hope in the future; spring break is only a week away. I can't wait!!!! My China friends are coming to play, I am so excited to see them again. Megan and I are also running in the half marathon at the end of the break, so that should be fun... I hope. I have never ran that far before so this will be a completely new challenge.
Megan and I are also doing an indoor triathlon this weekend at the school, also a new experience. It should be great training for the half marathon. It is running 3 miles, biking 10, and then swimming 1/4 mile. I am pretty nervous for the swimming part though, I am not a great swimmer.

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