Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Formal

The weekend before Thanksgiving Carson and I got to go to the institute formal. First we went to the matinee movie to see the new Harry Potter, it was really good, although Carson who hasn't read the books, kept asking me who all the characters were throughout the movie. He has seen all the other movies, but I guess it was still a bit confusing. Then we hurried home to get all dressed up. First there was a dinner, then a very packed dance in the Great Hall. We didn't stay at the dance very long, but we still had lots of fun getting dressed up.

This year Carson and I spent Thanksgiving here in Cedar. We started cooking in the morning while we watched the Macy's parade, then somehow Carson convinced me to go running with him (it was freezing). Around 1:00 we ate a great dinner at Carson's grandparent's house. Then only about 2 hours later we had another dinner at Megan's with her and Andrew, Nathan and Tonya and family, and my parents. All the food was great, and then we spent the afternoon playing games. It was a great Thanksgiving. The next morning Carson and I got up super early... no not to go shopping... to head down to Moab where we spent the weekend playing games, watching football, trimming trees, and getting a Christmas tree for Carson's family. It was a super fun weekend. Now we are back in Cedar, after a long and snowy drive home. It is the last week of classes before finals week, and we are sure feeling it. We spend our nights working to finish major projects and studying finals. We did put our tree up on Monday, it looks great. I will probably post pictures soon, but I need to wait for Stacy to bring me the rest of our ornaments. And today we get to start my favorite tradition: reading our book of Christmas stories.

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Chelsey Cutler said...

Remember when you would read us Christmas stories in China? I loved that! PS I love your dress! And miss your face!