Friday, January 7, 2011


Carson and I were so excited to spend our first Christmas together. We went to Moab as soon as I got off work on the 22nd. It was a bit crazy going from family to family trying to make sure we spent time with both of them, but we had tons of fun. We made gingerbread houses with my family, spent a day tubing with Carson's family, played lots of games, and ate lots of yummy food throughout the week. We had dinner at Carson's grandpa's house on Christmas Eve, then we went to a birthday party for Andrew later that night. Andrew likes to pick a new cake recipe every year for Megan to try. This year it was very chocolatey and very yummy. We spent Christmas morning opening presents and playing games with Carson's family. Then later we headed to my parents house for more presents and our big Christmas dinner. We had to head back to Cedar the next day after church so that I could be back to work by Monday. When we got home to Cedar City we got to have Christmas number 3 with each other. Carson now has a new camelbak bladder and some fishing stuff, and I have lots of new cake decorating stuff. We also got two new games, so if anyone wants to come play with us and eat cake, we would love it.

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Chelsey Cutler said...

Your gingerbread houses are legit! Complete with real gingerbread, I love it! I wish we lived closer. I miss you guys.