Saturday, March 23, 2013

Farewell Douglas

The annual burning of the Christmas trees has come and gone. We had a blast cooking smore's, enjoying the nice weather we have been having lately, and of course burning our Christmas trees. This year when we choose our tree, Carson decided we should name our tree Douglas. It seemed like a great name for a fir tree so it was agreed, this year our tree would be Douglas. But then we got our tree home, and I realized it was very cruel of us to name our tree Douglas and then take him home and dress him up like a GIRL. Now some of you may have manly Christmas decorations, but mine are not manly, they are very un-manly. So Douglas sat thru the holiday in his beautiful shame. From now on we will be careful to only choose girl names for our trees.
 I am the favorite aunt for bringing the beloved marshmallows!

Farewell Douglas, we will miss you.

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Christina said...

Now THAT is a fun tradition!