Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It is the Little Things that Make Me HAPPY!

Yesterday was an epic day people!!! You want to know why??? Well I will tell you. I did 3 loads of laundry... wait for it... in my own washer and dryer!!!! Now this may not seem so monumental to some of you, but it was a first for me. I did not have to load my laundry into the car and take it to my Mom's or my sisters. I did not have to haul my laundry to a laundry room a mile away (because that is how far it feels when you are carrying laundry). When the clothes were not quite dry I did not have to put more quarters in the machine, or spread them all over my apt to finish drying, I just push the button, and like magic it starts again. Life is good!!

I do have to say though that some of the awesomeness wore off today when there was more laundry to be done because baby girl threw up on her sheets and blankets at 2 AM, but it is still awesome.

And on another note, in case you couldn't tell from the above ranting, we finally moved into our house!!!! More posts will come on that soon, and maybe even some pictures if our house ever stops looking like a construction zone.

Happy Wednesday!!! Go do some laundry.

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Christina said...

THAT is awesome! I remember the day I got my own washer and dryer. I was hauling our laundry and two little ones to the laundry mat every week (but it ended up being more like three weeks because I dreaded it!) We had been in Moab a year when we finally made the purchase. It was a blessed day!