Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Kynlee!!

Kynlee turned 2 this week!!! We love her so much, and I can't believe she has been in our family for 2 whole years. Even though we had a fun party for her here in my hospital room, I felt like the worst mom ever because I couldn't make her a cake, or do fun things around the house to make her birthday special. But I guess I don't remember my 2nd birthday, so chances are she won't remember hers either. 

 Kynlee found the pacifiers that we got for the boys, and she just had to try one of them out. 

 We couldn't really light the candles on Kynlee's cupcake, but it didn't really matter because she started eating the cupcake before we even finished singing.

 Kynlee modeling the scarf from Megan and Andrew.
 Opening her present from Stacy and Jeremy. She had figured out by the end of the visit that the celebration was for her, and she kept saying, "Happy Day!"
 We are so glad that everyone close came to visit us, and celebrate Kynlee's birthday with us. We are truly blessed. 
Happy Birthday Kynlee, we love you!!!

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The Gillen's said...

I'm sure she still had a blast!