Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Fun!!

We were so lucky to get to go to Moab for a whole week over Christmas break. 

We let the kids decorate sugar cookies, and they had a blast.

We especially liked the black Christmas tree!
 We spent Christmas Eve at Grandpa Mel's. Kynlee and Uncle George stole the show with their whip cream shenanigans. 

 Everyone always has fun tormenting Aunt Morgan.
 We have so much fun doing a white elephant with my family. Grandma Ree looks great in her new Leg Lamp necklace.
It is so much fun playing Santa!!!! Why do paretns never tell you how fun it is? I am probably more excited about the little things I pick out for my kids than they are. I made the girls these dresses, and I also made little matching bow ties for the boys outfits. I even made a matching dress for Kynlee's little doll Sammy and little set of pajamas for her too. 
 Braxton looks pretty pleased with his gift from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Sue.
 This is Korbin's "cheese" face.

 I have been waiting to get this picture since October when I made the dresses.
 Braxton was more than happy to model his Sunday clothes.
 And even though I didn't get his feet in the picture, this is Korbin modeling his new socks. 
 Matching jammies :-)
 Some of us may have had a little too much fun over the break!

Christmas is my favorite time of year, seriously I am so depressed when it is over. Having kids around makes it so much more magical. We did lots of things this year to try to teach Kynlee that Christ is the reason that we are celebrating. We also did lots of family activities where I worked hard to remember that our family time is more about having fun than trying to achieve some idea in my head about how Christmas activities are supposed to be. 
Merry Christmas!!!

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