Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Babes!!!!

Our life has been really hectic the last few weeks. In the 2 weeks between Kylee's birhthday and the babes birthday we moved from our little house with the apartment on the side to what is not our dream house yet, but has all the potetial to become our dream house. Moving is such a pain, and it is extra challenging with lots of little hands that would rather unpack boxes than help me pack them. A big thank you to Megan for helping us, we owe you big. We are glad to be all settled in, even if we are only half unpacked.
Now for the stars of this post, our sweet little babes who turned 2 earlier this month.
Daddy brought donuts home for a special birthday breakfast. The special breakfast was fun for the babes while it lasted, but there was one little boy who was very sad when daddy had to go back to work without him. Eventually the tears dried up, and we had a somewhat plesant day.
 We celebrated after dinner with just our little family. 
 Korbin was so fast blowing out his candles that I didn't have a chance to get a picture, but Braxton and Emery couldn't quite figure out how to blow hard enough to get the candles out.
 Eventually big sister came over to help save the day.

 We moved the party outside to the deck to open presents.
 Again big sister was more than happy to help.

Happy Birthday Babes, we are so happy that you are part of our family. You truly help us remember what is most important in life and help us to realize that though things are not perfect every day, we are truly blessed. It is so fun to see you interact with each other, and to see the differences in your personalities. We love you!

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