Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun sites to See!!

Today we got out and saw lots of fun things. We are figuring out our way around town, and we got bus passes and successfully got on the right bus to go home. (yesterday we had to walk a little ways from the bus stop because it turned unexpectedly). The roads and drivers here are crazy. For those of you Americans who think you could drive here because it would just be backwards, think again. The lights make no sense, or the drivers aren't following them. There are tons of round abouts and the roads are really narrow. We will be lucky to not get hit, or die in a bus crash. Jk(I hope). We went to the city museum, St Nicholas Church, and the Spanish Arch. There are also fun little shopping centers that we seem to get lost in a lot. They are fun to walk through because there are no cars. They have lots of way cute stores, we haven't really gone in many yet, but we will. We also went to a little tiny claddagh (pronounced cladah) museum. It told all about the villiage and how the ring originated. Alli would have loved it. They had claddagh rings and bracelets and earrings, whatever you can imagine. I found out that school doesn't start until the 26th, so we are trying to plan some trips for next week. We are doing lots better with the jet lag, and things are going great.

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