Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where is Church???

The weather for the last two days hasn't been great. I don't really mind the cold, or the rain, but put them together with wind, and it gets pretty miserable. The wind just howls outside our apartment, but we braved it yesterday to go to the library and to get some food. It is really hard to find things here, even with a map, (actually the map is pretty useless). Once we ran all of our errands, we caught a bus home, and were pretty much frozen by the time we got there. We did see some cool docks on the way though, and we found a pretty cheap store for clothes and stuff, now we just need to find one for food. Today the weather wasn't much better, but we again braved it, in dresses nonetheless, to find where church was . After waiting at three bus stops in the cold rain and wind, we actually managed to find where church was supposed to meet (it is in an old railway station). That in itself was a great accomplishment, I was so excited when I saw the exact name on the building that we had as the address to the building. Unfortunately there were fences and gates in front of the building. A man waiting in his car flagged us down (he thought we were sister missionaries). He was from San Diego and was looking for church also. He comes here a lot for work, and told us that the last two weeks, no one has met there. He said he had been trying to call the branch president all week but only got busy signals. We waited just a little bit longer to see if it was starting late or something, but no one ever came. So we went to again wait at the bus stop in the cold. (It is really confusing trying to figure out when the buses come, and which one you want to get on). Anyway we were again mistaken for sister missionaries by the garbage man (who did offer us a free ride). He kept saying he would give us each a thousand jewels if we would go to church on Saturday or something along those lines, he went into Abraham and the Jews and stuff. Tori was the main one talking to him, so I only heard bits and pieces, but I think that was the gist of it. We just smiled and laughed with him. Next week I think I will wear pants over my dress to church, that is if we can ever find where they meet.

This was on Thursday when the weather was nice

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